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    Going off this figure it would appear that the current machine global tally stands at:

    Playstation 4 - 36m
    Xbox One - 19m
    Wii U - 11m

    By Easter PS4 must surely top 40m. Putting aside the PS4's success it's still a solid performance for XBO. WiiU... Dreamcast figures in twice the time is damning. Looks like it'll be lucky to reach 13m before Nintendo takes it out back to the barn.

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    MGS5 has sold 6m units according to Konami. The companies revenues were slightly up on last year, despite the games success it was offset by some division costs such as a downturn in profits for their Pachinko machines. I'd expect next years results to come in much lower considering how they've effectively walked away from the games sector for the most part.

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    WiiU sales have managed to crawl up to 12.6m. We know this isn't good.

    But what is good and is helping Nintendo offset some of that sluggishness is its software sales.

    Splatoon is the standout having reached a very impressive 4m units to date with Super Mario Maker at 3.34m pretty much assuring sequels to both.

    Mario Kart 8 has reached 7.2m meaning over half the userbase that has ever owned the system has owned that game also. Amiibo held strong too with around 20m figures and 21m cards sold.

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    "Looking at" VR. I guess after their last foray into VR, they are scared

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    According to MadCatz combined PS4 and XBO sales are approaching 60m which ties in with EA's earlier comments.
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    The info here isn't clear but...

    The suggestion is that Street Fighter V in the UK hasn't performed as strongly as SF4 did originally. There's a lot of missing info including digital sales but I've seen it banded about that the PS3 version of SF4 back the day alone outsold the PS4 version today. It could be wrong but it makes sense, hopefully it keeps the updates fast and sizeable as the incomplete nature is likely the biggest harmer to it. Once again, over focusing on esports is something devs should be wary of. Such a tiny niche of the audience.

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    In the US Far Cry Primal was number one holding well against its predecessors sales whilst SF5 was down in 7th

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