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    Stain, not looked at the manual or the cloth (is it really cloth?) map but the in-game help system is pretty substantial which might explain why the paper manual is thin. Agree about it needing to be dark. I seldom play games when it's light outside unless it's the height of summer. They draw you in more that way.

  2. #22
    Quote Originally Posted by FSW View Post
    Improve the graphics and other things on PC version:

    elf shadows on rocks and trees for example.

    EDIT: An the glitches begin. Google if interested but there's a fairly serious one arisen that could spoil the game a fair bit IMO.
    Can you elaborate on that glitch at all? Does it affect all versions? Want some general idea of what I'm looking for unless it's a spoiler. Either way I won't be playing this until Christmas so hopefully it will be dealt with by then. In Oblivion's case, Bethesda were fairly quick to address bugs and glitches (most notably the gold and item dupe tricks. Yes, because TES games are playable online *rolls eyes*)

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    Lol- if it's the one about

    levelling up in the first cave/training area

    then that's pretty bad. I was wondering last night

    I wonder what happens if you try to pickpocket the bloke in front, seeing as when I crouched I was still behind him and it immediately popped up the option to pickpocket him

    . Hmm, I thought if I tried it I'd have been sent back to the beginning or something. What an oversight though-

    you could get massively over-levelled from the very beginning

  4. #24
    If you were to google

    skyrim steal

    the first hit would likely be a video showing you how to do something that I think could remove a lot of the game challenge. It's along the level of item duping. Affects all versions. It's pretty funny but I wish I hadn't seen it.

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    Hehe. Love it. I would never have thought of doing that. I'll rob him later tonight and teach him not to talk in that silly accent.

  7. #27
    Haha, that's great. Is it a proper glitch though or is it just clever, legit use of the system within the limits of the game? Can see it getting patched out though because it's a bit of a game-breaker really.

  8. #28
    Jesus, they should just leave well alone then.

    It's a SINGLE player game, Bethesda - if players want to cheat to make themselves feel more powerful then let them ffs. You have a ****ing console in your PC version that can wipe out the game's entire collective of npcs in a single command, don't see that being "fixed" though, do we?

  9. #29
    I suppose it ought to come down to player restraint. I could go and soul dupe in Dark Souls if I wanted to (actually I can't but I digress) but I'm not going to. Hope temptation doesn't get the better of me.

    The only thing funnier than this glitch would be if the patch simply removed all

    buckets and pots

    from the game world.

    It's the fact that there's sufficient intelligence that the character knows that because he has

    a bucket on his head, he cannot see, but not sufficient intelligence to take it off

    that this exists. The cleverer the devs become the more interesting the glitches.

  10. #30
    Im loving this so far, however the game does randomly crash to desktop occasionaly, and sometimes textures for armor appear blank, weird

    i hope they fix the crash to desktop tho, its really strange


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