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  1. #741
    Set aside my questing as I was unsure if doing the main game first had killed my chances of completing the Civil War line. Eventually got to its end and looks like it glitched a bit as I was on Imperial side but got the Stormcloaks closing mission so got through it. Now back to the search for Daedric Artifacts

  2. #742
    My tireless journey continues. The daedric artifacts are now all under my belt and I'm mopping up some side quests before starting the Dark Brotherhood questline. Currently 70+ hours in at level 36 so not sure which will run out first, the levels or the missions

  3. #743
    I know it seems like you're talking to yourself, but I'm enjoying your little updates!

    I'd just finished Oblivion when Skyrim came out so I needed a break, but I'm thinking of starting this soon.

    One of my favourite bits in Oblivion was riding around on a horse just exploring and finding new locations. It also made fast travelling a lot easier once I'd started the quests.

  4. #744
    The levels, I've been stuck at lvl 55 for ages at 222 hours game time due to maxing out all the main skills.

  5. #745
    I thought if you legendaried a skill it allowed you to level up easier? My two hand weapon is a lot stronger than one handed (oo-er!) but its hit max now, held of resetting it though but tempted.

    I still have loads of undiscovered locations cropping up in my map when wandering, its obscene, makes Fallout 3 look like a garden rather than a state.

  6. #746
    Ah, I didn't realise skill could be reset, but it was introduced with the 1.9v patch. The problem with the character levelling is that it's linked to the skills, different skills give different rates of XP making it easy to max out stuff like enchanting and smithing, but others take longer.

    I didn't noticed the skill reset option on the Xbox360 version, but I'll have a nosey around this eve for it.
    Last edited by MartyG; 02-07-2013 at 03:38 PM.

  7. #747
    Is the legendary edition less glitchified than previously? It was murder on PS3 in its early days... If it's improved a bit I may give this another try...

  8. #748
    In about the last 20-25 hours I've had it freeze up 2-3 times but it's a lot better than it was. Auto save is usually regular enough.

  9. #749
    Had to switch autosave off in original build as it started lagging to hell ('Rimlag', the wags called it). I guess that's better now as well...

  10. #750
    Was clearing a few of the sidequests off my list and inadvertently started the College Questline last night so the Dark Brotherhood is on hild for now. Still fairly early on in it, exploring a dungeon. It's helping my levels a bit as there's a greater emphasis on magic which I've typically not used so now up to level 38 as I approach the 80th hour.


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