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  1. #831
    Smithing is stupidly overpowered in the base game. What's more is that you can easily exploit the leveling by spamming iron daggers. The exp from the daggers doesn't seem to tail off, so you can max it out in no time.

  2. #832
    I think they actually fixed that iron daggers trick to some extent via patches in the console game, from memory.

    But yeah, smithing is great. You can smith ridiculously powerful stuff and then, if you have the right perk, give it two different enchantments for mega power. It’s such a long game though that it’s something you can come to a little later. Probably a good idea, as it kinda kills the fun of finding cool gear (although it replaces it with the fun of making cool stuff).

  3. #833
    Still loving this.

    Companion: Can I help you?
    Me: yes, stop blocking the doorway ffs!

    Companion: Having trouble finding those ingredients?
    * 2 seconds pass *
    Companion: Having trouble finding those ingredients?
    * 2 seconds pass *
    Companion: Having trouble finding those ingredients?
    * 2 seconds pass *
    Companion: Having trouble finding those ingredients?
    * 2 seconds pass *
    Companion: Having trouble finding those ingredients?
    * 2 seconds pass *

    I actually considered killing her at this point.

    I had 2 companions at one point and they started fighting each other but game logic dictated that neither could actually die so they both just kept going down on their knees and recovering before starting up again. All the way through this I was able to have conversations with them about their parents and where they grew up.

    I fast travelled to somewhere last night and as it was loading the area I could hear the chaos that awaited me; I basically spawned into a mage firing ice magic into my face lol. This game is so broken!

    The quests are mad too. A dead man wanted me to find the 10 pages from a book he'd written so that he could write another book. Dude, you're dead.
    Last edited by Brad; 19-01-2018 at 06:11 AM.

  4. #834
    Fixing companions not getting out of the way is literally changing one value from 2000 to something much less, like 100. It seemed like a conscious decision by the devs to make them stay in the way for two seconds before deciding what to do.

  5. #835
    Last time I played this I’d just gotten up to one of the great Dwarven cities which was like a flipping small game in itself it was so big. I was about 2 hours into the city it when I had to go out, saved it, when I returned the save file was corrupted and the other save file I had was about 10h previous.

    I never had the heart to retread it all.

    If the PS4 version had every mod like the Xbox I’d probably pick it up again on the cheap.
    Last edited by fishbowlhead; 19-01-2018 at 11:59 AM.

  6. #836
    Looked at some menus today and my “armour” had a protection rating of zero. Which might explain a lot.

    Very much enjoyed watching a dragon eat a giant only to get mauled to death by a bear.
    10/10 would stumble into accidental death again.

  7. #837
    Harkon glitched 3 times during my final fight with him. Had to start from scratch each time. Finally he seemed to just randomly die of his own accord lol.

    The elf I had to fight to get Ariel's bow I just shouted him to his death

  8. #838
    Current skyrim battle strategy: cast lightning cloak, fast healing in both hands then just stand in the middle of the enemies constantly healing and waiting for them to die.

  9. #839

  10. #840
    Had a bit of time to work on Skyrim's weathers and lighting.

    Last edited by dataDave; 01-06-2018 at 01:39 AM.


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