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    Quote Originally Posted by briareos_kerensky View Post
    Throw in a love triangle between two pilots and a singer and you've got Macross Plus.
    I thought exactly the same thing.

    Well, I thought "is this going to be Black Swan/Perfect Blue all over again" but that's pretty much the same thing.

    Next week the director's going to say he's never heard of Macross Plus before we find out he optioned the film rights to it in the 90s.

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    Oooooooooh, live action Sonic movie with Junkie XL soundtrack on the horizon, too.

    It'll be like waiting for a sticky satchel full of cold sick, bloody mucus and tramps' faeces covered in fleas and bluebottle cocoons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superman Falls View Post

    In what a 747? As the sole occupant?

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    I'm certainly curious to see what the trailer's like. Never been big on chick flicks though so not expecting much...

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    Jennifer Connelly is in talks to join the film in its lead female role, a single mum working at a local Navy bar


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