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    Top Gun II: Maverick has been delayed by a full year to give time for the flight sequences, the film will now open 26 June 2020

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    Reportedly Top Gun 2 was delayed by a year so that Cruise could learn to fly a fighter jet. I can believe that one.

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    You can't say Tom isn't committed to his films.Scientology aside, you have to respect him.

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    That year gives Kilmer time to shed another stone too.

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    Words can't describe how happy this will make my missus, the first trailer:

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    More like Top Gun Again than Top Gun 2 but ok.

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    He really should have upgraded the Kawasaki GPZ900R to ZX-10R by now though.

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    not knowing this existed i was thinking this age filter photo craze thing has gone to far now

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    I all honesty, the trailer doesn’t look anywhere near as funny as Hot Shots.

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    Good trailer, I went from "no f**king way I'm seeing this" to "you know what it actually looks like it might be good"


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