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    New series starts Monday 11th Feb. Looking forward to it.

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    Anyone watch it?
    I recorded it and have not yet myself but I thought people would be talking about it here.

    Also heard that the rights for The Entire History of You (3rd ep of series one) have been bought to be made into a film.

    Jesse Armstrong wrote the original episode and has been hired to craft the film adaptation, which will borrow the tech angle for a story about a man who reconstructs his relationship with his dead wife from her point of view and stumbles into a huge conspiracy.

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    I really enjoyed it.

    Also helps that Hayley Atwell is hot as hell.

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    It was okay. Just okay. I like the near future stuff, I like the way Brooker's trying to do a sort of futuristic Twilight Zone, but for some reason it doesn't click for me. I find the messages regarding our use of technology and the possible direction of society heavy-handed and frankly OTT. It's like he's trying to be HG Wells.

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    ^Yeah, I agree, to quite a massive extent, they weren't BAD, they just seem to be screaming "Look at me!!! This is IMPORTANT satire here, folks!", I found the non-Brooker one the best by far. The PM one was flawed because anyone knows they probably shag pigs down the annals of No. 10 anyway, and the Big Brother-style one was *seriously* heavy-handed. Still, didn't know they did a second series, will at least give it a try and see what I think.

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    Yeah I was talking about the first episode of the second series, which aired last night. I only caught one of the ones in the first (about a guy who had to ride an exercise bike all day in some sort of anodyne compound, in order to generate electricity), and it was, again, just okay.

    It feels like he's got a lot more budget for this second series.

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    Never seen the show before, caught it for the first time last night after Miss Atwell plugged it on Wossy.
    I enjoyed it- thought it was good, BUT did anyone else notice how this show was MASSIVELY similar to 2010 film 'Womb' ('Clone' in the UK) which starred another appealing brunette Eva Green?


    Both 'Be Right Back' (BM) and 'Clone' follow a couple set in a rural area in a future that basically looks like the present day, then the husband/bf dies, then the gf/wife clones her deceased loved one, eventually has sex with it, before one of them realises the relationship is not really what they want.

    OK, there's one significant difference- in 'Clone' Eva Green's character gives birth to and rears a clone of her deceased lover whilst Atwell's clone in BM came fully grown and ready to assemble, thus negating the whole pseudo incest thing. But 'Be Right Back' did seem very similar to 'Clone' to me, to the point that it made me wonder if Brooker had seen 'Clone' and thought to himself- 'great idea, **** execution, maybe I can do better'.
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    Do you want to spoiler either of those plot descriptions before I read them?

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    Sorry, I assumed no one would read the thread before watching the show thus to avoid spoilers.

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    I really enjoyed it, I don't know if it would have been slightly better if it ended

    at the cliff scene though

    . I disagree that the use of technology is heavy-handed. Indeed it's very plausible and really just an extrapolation of what people already do in most cases (except the
    bit last night obviously)

    Quote Originally Posted by DANGEROUS-3 View Post
    I enjoyed it- thought it was good, BUT did anyone else notice how this show was MASSIVELY similar to 2010 film 'Womb' ('Clone' in the UK) which starred another appealing brunette Eva Green?
    Noone has ever heard of that film, so no


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