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    Quote Originally Posted by gordon View Post
    Amazon are selling the same pack for ?10 more but with a 16GB card - I've just ordered one. ?149.99, and delivered in time for Christmas (back in stock on the 10th, delivery estimate of the 16th).
    Doesn't seem to be quite the same pack, it's for the WIFI - Argos is WIFI/3G version only plus I'm guessing the games will be download versions, a minor point maybe but the Argos version uses the physical versions of the games.

    Just picked up mine from Argos and used the tenner against Killzone.

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    Agree on the download vs physical copies - I'd have preferred physical, too. But it was the 16GB card that swung it for me, as I've heard lots of people saying 4 wasn't enough. But they're both good deals given what the Vita was going for this time last year.

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    Yep, depends on personal circumstances, I don't do download so 4gb is enough for me as the only large files going on it will be Doramas to watch when commuting.

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    I think you've just convinced me. I'm off to get the Argos deal before closing time so I can get my ?10 voucher....

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    That's a couple of console deals you've snapped up that I've posted isn't it? your wallet must hate me

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    No! My wallet loves deals. And that WiiU-for-?199 was excellent...
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    Received a Vita from Amazon today. It came with the Sports/Racing Mega Pack and 16Gb card plus the Vita for ?144.99. I only wanted a Wifi one but this pack contains the Wifi/3G machine. As I wanted the games pack and it was ?5 cheaper than the Wifi version I went for it. Took a while to set up and download everything, but now sorted. Not being used to the device I didn't realize the front screen was touch sensitive (doh!).


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