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    Charity Drive: Latest: Buster Broon

    See here for details. Please read carefully.

    Shouts will appear in this thread
    Thanks in advance for your support.
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    I'm looking forward to Twisted Metal. However, I won't buy it Day One for ?45. I'll be patient. Once it hits the ?20 mark, I'll pick it up and donate the ?25 I saved

    If everyone held off on one title and donated the difference, the World would be a a better place

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    Good idea Matt.

    And first shout goes to Ikobo! Thanks.

    And I've donated my own ?25 too.
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    Don't forget charitable donations helps with your income tax as well

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    Forget that Matt, the website told me of Gift Aid, Good Luck Charles, what time for 2000 quid, getting under 3.30?

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    If you are offering to give me ?2000 on your own, I'll train myself to death to get under 3hrs....

    But I did a 14 mile run on Sunday at a pace that would bring me in the marathon at 3:09, so anything under 3:30 for the full thing and I'm happy. 3:15 would be great, but I'm guessing that the initial crowds will make it hard to dictate my own pace for the first couple of miles.

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    Shout to MisterBubbles! Since you are already Blue, do you want to appear as the charity colour or appear as Blue? I've changed you to the charity colour so let me know if you prefer the Blue.

    edit: eeep... it's quite bright! erm. I'll try and tone it down a bit. I wanted it to look different from "writer".
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    How about a nice yellow or orange or even a radical pink, like Castle Crashers?

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    I considered pink but thought it might put people off wanting it

    How's the "dark orange 1"?
    And please can you check the sig function is working?


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