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    A fresh update!

    US Top 10 with total domestic haul to date:

    01 - The Hunger Games - $315m
    02 - American Reunion - $29m
    03 - Titanic 3D - $32m
    04 - Wrath of the Titans - $64m
    05 - Mirror Mirror - $42m
    06 - 21 Jump Street - $113m
    07 - Dr Seuss The Lorax - $201m
    08 - Salmon Fishing in the Yemen - $5m
    09 - John Carter - $68m
    10 - Housefull 2 - $1m

    UK Top 10 wise:

    01 - Battleship
    02 - Titanic
    03 - Cabin in the Woods
    04 - Hunger Games
    05 - The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists
    06 - Mirror Mirror
    07 - 21 Jump Street
    08 - Wrath of the Titans
    09 - The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
    10 - Street Dance 2

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    How did Avengers do?

    The film took ?15.8m in the UK on opening weekend, the biggest total for any superhero film released. The film has already amassed $178.4m internationally with several countries including the US yet to recieve the film. Box Office Mojo has estimated the final tally could be as high as $600m at least EXCLUDING its final domestic total.

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    Beating even its own high predictions, Avengers has had an opening final total for its domestic release of $207.4m

    The total is a massive $40m higher than the final Harry Potter which held the record for the biggest opening of all time.

    The film currently sits on $647m worldwide total. The film sits just outside the Top 50 highest grossing films of all time but given it's only been out on average 1 week it looks set to do very well.

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    And onyl 1 day later, the international tallies bring Avengers up to $702m and it enters the Top 50 highest earners of all time at Number 47

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    New Avengers update as the film's second week takings carry it across the fabled $1 Billion marker. Having the biggest 'Second Weekend' ever, the film overtook Avatar second weekend record to rake in a domestic total of $373.2m.

    The worldwide total of over $1 Billion has taken the film past the overall lifetime total of The Dark Knight and moved the film up from being the 47th highest grossing film of all time to the 11th. With a relatively quiet weekend ahead it looks like Avengers will see a big jump again this week.

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    Midweek Avengers has increased to $1.032bn

    Ruffalo hulked out at the news...

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    In the US there were 3 wide releases this week which were aiming for the top spot, so strong was Avengers audience power that all three failed quite a lot. Avengers took another $55.1m whilst Battleship opened in the US to just $25.3m although it has gathered over $200m internationally so overall it's done well for the studio. The Dictator landed softly at $17.4m whilst What to Expect When You're Expecting landed with just $10.5m. This week in the US will see the release of Men in Black 3 and Chernobyl Diaries and the first blockbuster challenge to Avengers dominance which has taken it to a current worldwide total of $1.18bn

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    Latest UK chart is out:

    01 - The Dictator
    02 - Avengers Assemble
    03 - Dark Shadows
    04 - American Pie: The Reunion
    05 - The Raid
    06 - Beauty and the Beast 3D
    07 - The Lucky One
    08 - Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
    09 - The Pirates! An Adventure with Scientists
    10 - Safe

    The US chart saw Avengers finally leave the top spot

    01 - Men in Black 3
    02 - The Avengers
    03 - Battleship
    04 - The Dictator
    05 - Chernobyl Diaries
    06 - Dark Shadows
    07 - What to Expect When You're Expecting
    08 - The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
    09 - The Hunger Games
    10 - Think Like A Man

    Avengers now sits at just under $1.3bn which puts it within a hairs width of overtaking Harry Potter to become the 3rd highest grossing film of all time behind Titanic and Avatar which it will stay at.

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    An updated US Top 10:

    01 - Brave - $66m
    02 - Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted - $19.7m
    03 - Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter - $16.3m
    04 - Prometheus - $9.9m
    05 - Snow White and the Huntsman - $8.1m
    06 - Rock of Ages - $7.6m
    07 - That's My Boy - $7.6m
    08 - The Avengers - $7.2m
    09 - Men in Black 3 - $5.7m
    10 - Seeking a Friend for the End of the World - $3.8m

    Brave opens well coming in as the 5th highest opening for a Pixar film. MIB3 looks like it's going to fall behind the total domestic gross for MIB2 but has already overtaken the middle entry in terms of total gross, the film needs only $12m more to be the highest grossing entry in the series (budget none withstanding). Avengers now sits on a global tally of $1.43bn. Despite rumours of a planned rereleased later this year, the film would have to take a massive $700m more to overtake Titanic as #2

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    It's time for what has been expected to be the biggest release of the year - The Dark Knight Rises

    First up, the last superhero film to be released was Amazing Spiderman. How has that tracked compared to Spiderman 1 (bearing in mind SM1 had no installed fanbase to launch from).

    Despite aims to bring down costs, it still cost a lot more to make than SM1 and the domestic gross currently sits at half. Given the hit TDKR will deliver it seems like domestically speaking Amazing Spiderman will be the least grossing SM film.

    The family alternative to TDKR is Ice Age 4. How's that doing now the series is getting on in age?

    The film has opened well, earning 1/3rd of the usual domestic gross straight away. It's international gross is doing well also and is pacing well with the 3rd installment so a fifth entry looks likely. It should prove a light counterpart to TDKR also.

    The projection is that TDKR itself will beat, just barely, Avengers opening. If it does, the question is whether it will have the same prolonged success.


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