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    Dark Knight Rises took $160m domestically in its opening weekend, $250m in total. The film had the biggest opening for a 2D movie ever. Despite the figures the film came below expectations with some citing the recent shootings as a reason, with some easily worried movie goers deciding against seeing it. Either way it was a whopping $40m below the 3 day haul Avengers made so seemed unlikely to break that record. None the less it's one of the most successful openings of all time and narrowly beat out Dark Knight.

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    Bond makes $77m in its first weekend with many territories including the US still up to 2 weeks away, outperforming the last 2 films.

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    Yeah it's not out here for another 2-3 weeks

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    Stallone outdoes Arnie with an even slower opening. It all rests of Willis now.

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    With the US yet to go, Iron Man 3 out performs Avengers on its international debut

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    Iron Man 3 continues stonking business, its domestic opening is behind Avengers but the overall total could end up being the second highest grossing of all time for an opening

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    In a short amount of time Iron Man 3 is the 15th highest grossing film of all time and in spitting distance of Hobbits total gross.

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    It's a big head to head this weekend with Hangover 3 and Fast 6 facing off. First reports are that Fast 6 is on course to be the biggest opening of the series whilst Hangover has seen a he-uge drop off.

    Whilst Iron Man 3 shuffles into the worldwide 7th spot narrowly behind LOTR Return of the King

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    After Earth crashes at the box office. M Nights curse continues, though I'm curious what people think as I've heard horrid things via reviews but despite looking damn dull the trailers didn't look that offensive. They seriously need to stop casting Will Smiths son in things though.


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