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    Remember the Chinese market is only getting bigger and bigger plus even though it earned over 2BN which is fantastic the difference between what it earned and a movie like furious 7 earned is the difference of being the 3rd top movie worldwide and the 2nd which it would have been if it had appealed more and I bet that is also on the minds of Disney
    Yep but what is different about Star Wars is the merchandising. Jurassic World would have shifted a significant amount, I'm guessing. There is barely any FF7 merchandise. Star Wars is worth a fortune in merchandise - it's on a whole other level. So the movie is part of an entirely different strategy. They may well try to do better in China but, even as it grows as a market, they have wider considerations than just how much the movie brings in across the territories.

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    Zootopia has scored the biggest opening of any Disney animated movie.

    Deadpool now sits $74m from being the highest grossing X-Men film ever

    Critically mauled London Has Fallen looks to have been better received by cinema-goers. It has a domestic take of $21m with the international takins still waiting to come in. It's lower than the first films opening however the budget was $10m lower as well so it will depend on how long this one can keep going as to whether there's any chance of a third film

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    The Brothers Grimsby aka Grimsby depending where you're from, looks to be the first real catastrophic box office failure of the year after taking just $3m in the US opening. Zootopia won the day in its second weekend with a global haul of already over $400m

    London Has Fallen, and I had to do maths for this one, came in second and is currently on a total of $58.5m.
    Only one territory is left, China, where the first film made 5m. It's already down to the length of box office and home sales for this one.


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