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    Forum Runner Android/iOS App is now installed

    Please try the FREE version.

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    I removed this because it's integrated in the new version so didn't want conflicts. New version coming soon (being tested at the moment)

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    I wondered why this had stopped working the other day after only briefly using it. I think i prefer it to TapaTalk so im glad it will be working again soon

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    Oooops. I think I just broke it. Sorry. I thought it was the old mod, so uninstalled it. I'll put it back a bit later (when i figure out how)

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    Yeah running it through my phone web browser it's brill!

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    J0e Musashi's Avatar
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    Gamertag: I3th Racing PSN ID: Mr_Karate
    It asks me if I want the app EVERY SINGLE TIME I browse to BD on iOS. Can you turn it off?
    Kept you waiting, huh?

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    Hope so. I was going to look. Thanks for the reminder.

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