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Thread: _SD_

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    Bought more goodies - even threw in a freebie!

    Nice one

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    another great trade with Si

    enjoy the dreamcast mate!

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    Sold me an Xbox One S and extra controller for a great price.

    Arrived this morning and you wouldn't know it had ever been used.


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    I bought some Game Gear cart cases and a Master Gear converter, in a very smooth transaction. Thanks

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    Thanks to _SD_ I am now the happy owner of a SuperGrafx. Item was very well packaged for sending and in great condition.
    Good guy to do business with.
    Thanks again.

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    Bought some games, arrived quickly and well packaged! Cheers!

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    Bought 2 Wii U games, they turned up as described and very well protected for their journey.

    Very happy.

    Highly Recommended to all!!!!


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