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    SSDs do wonders for old systems, as long as the CPU isn't completely awful - like the Celeron in the living room. lol

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    It's a core 2 duo so I think* it'll be reet. Any cpu further back seem not to benefit.

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    Yeah, been thinking I should grab a E4300 or something to shove in the living room PC. They were under a tenner last I saw and my E4400 did me great some years ago now - albeit with a 50% overclock 24/7.

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    Uggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... I need to buy a new computer. I can't face it. But it has to be done. Something with strong specs to be able to run After Effects effortlessly playing with 1080p footage at a minimum. The different combinations have never made buying computers fun.

    Are there just known reputable easy places to go for good prices? Or do I have to shop around for eternity?

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    Windows laptop? What's the budget?

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    I'm replacing a laptop but I'm actually thinking of going for a full desktop. Mainly because my laptop is a big overheating beast of a machine (i7 whatever and hefty specs) and it only ever goes upstairs or downstairs and that's the extent of its portability. Am I right in thinking I'll get better in a desktop or is that no longer true?

    It's going to be a business expense so, while I want it to be good value for money, I'm willing to spend the money for a good one. My laptop must have been in the region of €2000. I'm hoping I won't have to go much higher than that for this. Lower is better but I want something that will do a good job for quite a few years so I'm willing to spend if that's what it takes.

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    Your assumption is correct. The power of a 2000 euro desktop will destroy a similarly priced laptop.

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    Went out to get a Sonos connect at lunchtime. Came back with a BlueSound node 2. It's kind of a more expensive Sonos (Sevenoaks HiFi had a good salesman). Can't wait to get home and try it out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad View Post
    Your assumption is correct. The power of a 2000 euro desktop will destroy a similarly priced laptop.
    Yeah, figured that. Would the likes of Dell or somewhere like that be the best choice for just going through and picking out specs and then expecting a machine that does what it is supposed to at the end of that process?

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    Sure. Personally I quite like the way Scan seem to be doing things at the moment:

    You sort of tell it what you want the PC for and it gives you a starting point and then you tweak it. Maybe start off like that with the scan or dell website and then post your findings here whereupon the nerds can jump in with their advice?


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