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    Quote Originally Posted by charlesr View Post
    Thanks for that

    I've got the same one in my system and great performance with zero problems in the time I've hard it for over 2 years now i think, maybe 3.

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    I'm going for a Ryzen build next time. The AMD guys seem like a sound bunch.

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    I keep thinking to myself, oh it would be nice to do a build from scratch with a high end Ryzen.

    Truth is I just donít need it, my fx4300 quad core 3.8ghz is still doing an sterling job of everything Iíve thrown it, with 16gig of ddr3 and a new RX560 oc 4gig, Iím running creative suite in wqhd and not even sweating the processor or gfx card.

    Iím not a professional designer, Iím just doing adverts, image processing and graphic design for myself so the system is only earning me money.

    Maybe Iíll build a new system in a few years.

    On another note, itís really fantastic the turn around AMD have achieved in the last few years. Great new graphics cards of all levels, fantastic new processors and coolers, along with FreeSync making lots of headway. Great stuff.
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    Their top end GPUs aren't even close to what Nvidia is offering, but otherwise I'd agree.

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    That's right, that's what made me sway Intel/Nvidia this time. The truth is you don't really need the greatest CPU for gaming, and me personally I don't need the greatest GPU... I'm happy with competitive gaming and at the absolute peak probably things like Overwatch at 1440p/144fps or Doom or Skyrim (with graphics mods, obviously) at 4K/60fps. I'm not sure if AMD are quite there yet, but I know that next time they will be. I've no need to play the latest and greatest AAA stuff on Ultra, but being future-proofed a tad is always nice.

    Like you Fishbowl my laptop still serves me perfectly well for work purposes and last-gen gaming. It performs like a '360 X'.

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    Cheers. Might be about to buy a whole new PC instead
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    I don't know if this is the right place to ask but I'm looking for a new Playstation Portable. I've searched the internet and can't find anywhere selling them. Does anyone know of a retailer that might still have some new units in stock or should I just go with a used one?


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