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    the new piledriver fx 8350 reviews coming in now and ....meh well the best processor that can be got on am3 + boards but not by a huge amount and nowhere near what intel processors can do

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    He is a bit of a douchbag and the videos are too long, I prefer Linus.

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    Lol, me too. But I like that he's English too.

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    Hi guys just bought a new laptop a

    Inspiron 17R SE, 1080p screen
    3rd generation Intel? Core™ i5-3210M processor (2.50 GHz, 3M cache)
    Hard Drive1TB
    2GB Nvidia GeForce GT 650M 90W
    for ?594

    + a possible cashback

    i didnt buy the laptop for gaming,

    i have never botherd with pc games, im hoping to try a few and get sim city next year

    will this be able to run the latest games ok even if not at full graphics ?
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    Where did you get it from? What brand? Linky?

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    the middle option for ?594 with my voucher code,

    I got it today and windows 8 is going to take some getting used too :S

    anyway it doesnt have microsoft office works,, can this be downloaded free legit anywhere? are there any other reccomended office programs that are free

    anway last question maybe i should start a new thread?
    Whats the best way for me to download a couple of games to try, thinking left for dead, trackmania, is steam the way to go ? and can i link my 360 controller to the pc or will i need a new one, sorry for all the questions im a pc gaming noob
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    open office is pretty much all you need. For free.

    there's an official wireless receiver for the xbox 360 pad that lets you connect it to the PC. It's the same price as a wireless 360 pad though....
    They go for ?15 on ebay 2nd hand. Anything cheaper is a copy and don't work without fiddling with drivers and following youtube videos and bashing your face on the wall. So, just get a wired 360 pad.
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    I think I got the wireless adapter bundled with a controller for around ?25-30 from amazon. Look for 360 wireless controller for windows.


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