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Thread: Cyberpunk 2077

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    Quote Originally Posted by briareos_kerensky View Post
    Was the work-related mandatory?
    Not an American business then I remember a story about this years ago; businesses can't mandate that kind of stuff because the Christian Right go beserk. Apparently there's stuff in Revelation about it.

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    Stories like this piss me off more then they probably should. There seems to be a constant clambering to cram as much **** in to every game. If they had multiplayer in mind during development that would be fine, but I suspect its the Internet/shareholders barking for multiplayer just so the game will appeal to the Battle Royale crowd.

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    Looks like you’re going to need to clean up some space on the HDD... around 80GB!

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    If it can’t come on four floppies, it’s not cyberpunk.

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    Well, back in 1995, Johnny Mnemonic could hold 80 GB of data, and twice as much if he used a compression unit.

    I'd say it's very cyberpunk!


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