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    Just Marketing isn't it?

    I'm sure we've all had the moment when we've heard a single only to find out after we've bought it that the rest of the album is pish.

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    I really loved Muse but they just seem to get bigger and "emptier" with each record trying to be more grandiose than the last and Matt Bellamy not really having much to say. It's a shame that some of their more interesting material is relegated to B-sides (e.g The Groove). I like the idea of a departure from their sound but "going dubstep" would be a disappointing direction.

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    Muse : Survival, the Official Olympic song.
    More Queen-esque craziness, people aren't taking well to it, I suspect they didn't get as far as the epic Muse wailing and guitars later on.

    I always envisioned Muse doing the Bond theme one day, not the olympics.
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    I was tired of Muse by the time The Resistance came out. The Twilight connection wasn't helping, either. Now the Olympics? Just **** off already.

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    This is just a marketing excercise that has worked in Muses favour ,it's been carefully cobbled together to tick a bunch of boxes for the Olympics.

    It won't be an album track, they just lucked out that it got chosen

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    Didn't really get me going. Just as you are getting dragged in to one section, it switches styles.

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    Would have been ok if it wasn't for the dubstep sections, which sound utterly dreadful in my opinion! Impressive it's all done with proper instruments but it still sounds rubbish.

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    Bit of a mess really. The bits with Bellamy singing were good but the electronic parts just felt like they'd dropped something they'd cobbled together into the track to give it some identity beyond "generic Muse template". The newsreader segments were a bit tacky and juvenile too. Can't help but feel that they'd do a lot better if they went lower key and focused on some compact, "tight" songs instead of trying to go over the top every time.

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    I don't think I've posted it already but this is the tracklisting

    Unsustainable is the only "dubstep" song on the album, so if the rest of the album is in the vein of Survival and the non-dub step bits of Unsustainable, then I'll be happy. The very cynical part of me thinks that the intro to that track was dragged out to be used in adverts and trailers and whatnot for some sweet royalty monies, it was very filmic.
    As it seems like the two 2nd law tracks are the very thematic songs as they are talking about the 2nd law of thermodynamics.

    'Panic Station'
    'Follow Me'
    'Big Freeze'
    'Save Me'
    'Liquid State'
    'The 2nd Law: Unsustainable'
    'The 2nd Law: Isolated System'


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