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    Upgrade this evening has messed a few things up

    Hi all

    The upgrade and fixpack this evening has broken the styles. I need to do a fair bit of work to bring them back into line.

    Please bear with us while we do our thing.

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    Aaaah, tht explains why I can't edit my sales thread title.

    No bother, it's not mad important.

    Best of luck, Bossman!!

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    Set the old style for a bit while we fix it. It's only one thing, but I can't find the cause!
    I'm sure evilboris will find it no problem tomorrow

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    Almost there. Need to sleep though...

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    If anyone spots anything apart from fonts and bits that are the wrong size (we are aware of most of these) that actually seems broken, please let me know.

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    I was unable to add a new thread in Wanted. I couldn't type a title in. But I managed from my Android device.

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    That should have been fixed already (one of the navbars had gone huge and invisible covering up other stuff!!!)
    What style are you using?
    Please trying changing to another style and then back again.

    Also, which style did you use on your Android?

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    Yes just tried again and it is indeed fixed now.

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