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    Oops. Will update tomorrow. Suggestions please!

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    For Japanese units: have the MH3GHD set for $660

    PA have it for $770

    PA also have the deluxe version for $600 (price shows when you add it to your basket)

    and the basic for $475 (again, basket shows you the price)

    Anyone after NA units can talk to me as I can get them retail (CDN$299+5% for basic, CDN$349+5% for deluxe) and send at cost. If I like you anyway, and I obviously can't comment on stock. It seems the basic set can be ordered from most places though.
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    Nin-Nin-Game has the Japanese Mon Hun premium pack for $554.27 - that was the best price I could get..

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    Zavvi winning the UK prices for Zombi U pack but are sold out at the moment.

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    Dude! $554!? Took you long enough to reply! You ordered from them before?

    Thinking about it, I may go for the basic J console and get the pro controller here, and i already have MH on order.that's about the same i think.
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    lol sorry mate! I haven't ordered from them before though, so I don't know what they're like.. I hope they get it to me before Christmas!

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    When Buygame2 have a price up for the basic J unit i think i'll go for that.

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