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    Line of Duty BBC2

    If you're not watching this series then you're missing out, fabulous Police drama based around AC-12 (a fictional anti-corruption unit), very edgy. Available on iPlayer if you've missed the first two episodes (five in total).

    Definitely one that's keeping me entertained.

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    I'd say no, The Shield was gritty, this is edgy

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    Well this is an old thread - and that first series (the first couple of series actually) were a decent watch, but this season. Yeah, no.

    Final episode tonight (and apparently final episode ever) and it was like leaving the best firework till last and just watching it fizzle out instead of a majestic explosion.

    Another series with a disappointing finale to add to the list. For shame.

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    As disappointing as it was I'm largely riding out that it was only a couple of weeks ago the BBC sold the airing rights to future seasons of the show in the US to Acorn TV so I'm close to 100% we're far from done at Series 6. The ending was full of wriggle outs too. I can easily imagine:

    That series 7 will start with what seems like a new case but turns out to be tied to the criminal network, Kate and Arnett struggle to work under Carmichael who herself struggles with towing the line in the face of growing evidence and eventually Hastings appeal goes through and he's reinstated with future series setting up a continuation that see's them pursuing Osborne and figures that operate above that level

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    Mr. Mercurio had painted himself into a corner with the whole "H" mystery. Throw in a few red herrings to create some wild fan theories and the reveal was always going to be an anti-climax. Wasn't expecting it to fall quite so flat though. I still spent the whole episode waiting for the show to go out with a bang but no, the series fizzled out much like the last one, but all the more embarrassing given the way that final episode was hyped.

    It'll be back in some form, but the quality of the show is quite haphazard. It peaked a while back.

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    Just watched it on iPlayer.

    A lame ending to what is comfortably the worst series of Line Of Duty.

    Has Jed Mercurio lost interest? Not sure there's any point in a seventh series if so IMO.


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