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    I remember watching Ghost Protocol and thinking she's pretty, but something was bugging me. She looked like someone else.
    I was right!

    Liev Schreiber

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    Glad it wasn’t just me that thought that!

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    Can't say I'm looking forward to this. MIB3 was the perfect ending for the franchise if you ask me.
    I might watch this though, 2 minutes of Emma Thompson might make it worth while.

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    I misread the title as MIB Interracial and thought "it already is!"

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    Early tracking suggests this new film will open to the franchises lowest debut, the film cost half of MIB3's budget though so could succeed easily.

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    I find it hard to get excited by this but, in all honesty, it's not the fault of anything I've seen. It's that the previous ones have been so forgettable. Absolutely enjoyable and I feel there should be room for that type of film in the world (an easy enjoyable disposable watch) but never anything I'd get excited about. Still, I love Hemsworth and Thompson and I'm sure I'll see this at some point, if not in the cinema, and I'll probably enjoy this too.

    Maybe we're sometimes too quick to assign "huge hit" and "failure" and not allow for everything in between.

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