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    Quote Originally Posted by monomaniacpat View Post
    On my S2 with ICS (4.*) the forum just comes up as an unstyled mess. You can't load the full site either.

    Used to work fine on my cheapy Orange San Fran with 2.2 and 2.3...
    This is the exact same problem I had up until about a month ago, except I'm on a HTC Desire with 2.2

    For some reason it just started to work. I think this place got a Vbulletin upgrade or adjustment? Or possibly the superlight style was just installed? (although that wouldn't explain the fact that the full site layout now displays as it should too).

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlesr View Post
    On your S2, is it forcing the superlight style? Or is it really completely missing the css elements? Any chance you could take a photo?

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    Please can you also try and determine your IP address on teh phone when it happens? Then I can check to see if you appear in the error logs. PM me the IP.

    It's not loading the css elements for some reason. Please can you try and enter your usercp and change your default to a different style? It might be that you are somehow stuck trying to view (on your phone) an old style that has been deleted. I've noticed a fair few errors being reported in the logs where the style isn't found.

    If that doesn't help, please then try clicking this: (that should give you the default mobile style)
    If that works, please then try: (that should give you the full style), or just click "full style" at the bottom of the page while in the default mobile style.

    Report back please.

    Call me if you need help.

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    Second link works, first does not.

    My IP is

    I don't know how to change the default style for mobiles in cp. In any case it happens even when I'm not logged in.

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    Is the full style (2nd link) usable on your phone? If so, it should remember which style your phone is using. If it's too busy, then from that style, you should be able to experiment with the dropdown in the bottom left and try the "superlight" style instead of the default mobile style. It's rather basic, but fast.

    As a last ditch effort, try installing Opera Mobile I use Opera on my Nokia and my wife's Android because it works and stays up to date, unlike the browsers in different versions of Android.

    It doesn't sound like something I can fix in the default mobile style - sounds like a code issue, rather than simple template changes. I couldn't see your ip in the logs, so it's hard to figure out what to tell vbulletin.

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    Yes, I can now use the full site style, which would be my choice anyway.

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    Minor bug report: the spoiler tag just shows the "?" without hiding the text.

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    Which version of Android please? It works on my phone.


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