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    Normal style in Android browser

    I've been trying the normal style on an HTC. I cannot click on the "forum" button in the navbar. It point blank refuses to let me and instead selects anything nearby. However, I click on it fine on my ancient nokia 5800, even though they look exactly the same.

    Anyone else able to check on their Android please?

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    I meant the 'full' bordersdown style btw

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    Fine for me in both my Nexus S and Transformer TF101.

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    It's probably worth noting which version of android you are running as no doubt the browsers are different between versions.

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    4.0.4 and 4.0.3 respectively.

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    I'm using an htc desire s, so whatever that's using

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    That depends on what firmware you have Charles. Settings>About Phone>Android version?

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    2.3.5 so hopefully most people are beyond that

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    Only the newer phone runs ICS (4.0.x) so anything pre-2012 probably isn't (3.x was tablets only btw).

    I've tested the site with my old Shine+ (2.3.3) and it has the same problem you do charles, as does the 2.3.3 VM I tried. I'll test it with other releases and let you know.


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