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    I might jump back in again for a bit. I'm feeling all nostalgic over my brief return back in 2013 which lasted three months, that was an excellent little jaunt.

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    Bismark, though if you looking for a busy server Asura is where you go (roughly 2000 most times of the day, compared to 200-600 on mine).

    Largo from these forums recently returned(to bismark) and picked up Blu which he seems to enjoy playing on and the game is very soloable for all story content, record of eminence (a rough guide/quest system for returners to give you focus and get some equipment out of it) and 1/2 the endgame events (Ambu, merit fights and Omen) using trust npcs to back you up making it almost play like FFXII without the gambit and instead picking the right jobs and A.I. to compliment you. Also alot of basic things have changed since 2013 around the return to super strong skillchains and magic being lower cost/higher damage.

    I've as of 2 weeks ago start another legendary weapon grind, a trap i usually fall in to around christmas, this time to make the summoner's mythic, about half way through stage 1 (19/30k alex, 40/100k ichor, 69/150k tokens).

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    Sounds great @Tobal, thanks. I might finally see CoP through at long last. That would be a huge thing.

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    Well you would have plenty of story content to go through after CoP, and the cutscenes really pick up to single player RPG standards towards the end of Treasures, after that comes Wings, the 3 addon mini stories, Adoulin and finally Rhapsodies of Vana'diel.

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    Is this still running? I heard Square were shutting down the servers.

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    none stop since 2002. XIV launch which was then this game was supposed to go in maintenance mode till subs stopped paying in enough to keep it going, but since SE bungled it and took years to come out with v2/ARR they carried on updating it with 2 extra expansions, though at the moment it won't get anything like that again and it's generally 1 new big endgame event a year, and monthly updates to for new equipment/job adjustments and to rotate ambu monster events in and out for something new to fight.

    In other news i finished the Nirvana mythic for summoner in about 4 weeks... what a grind.

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    surprisingly well done article from kotaku ont starting XI in 2019 having never touched it before.

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    An interview with the current heads behind XI and some information on what it takes to keep XI working after now hitting 17 years.


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