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    wish i didnt sell tox and carried on this game, i prefered this to 14 any day

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    Go back to BST Wedge it rocked when I played. Not seen the new assaults or salvage though.

    Ill find my disks over the weekend and install.

    Tob whats the prices on plates for the 95 upgrade now? Im sure I had about 80mil on my char when i stopped playing lol as I was thinking about making a relic GA.

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    I was half thinking about getting the game on Steam for ?17.99 with what looks like all the expansions but I think that may mean starting from scratch, which I'm not sure about.

    I don't think I've played any other MMO that came close to the early days of XI, FFXIV got close near the end of V1, but there just wasn't enough content.

    If anyone else was starting a new character or class I probably would too.

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    dont think i could start 11 over again after everything i had on tox account

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    It is a long way back to start again, especially if you factor in crafting. I'll just see how it goes for a bit, though it does feel like its going to be a challenge to make progress at this point.

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    yea, i had 3 lvl 100 crafts and top gear for a lvl 75 lol

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    Ah it does seem alot to go through again, I'm having issues with the game, graphics driver keeps messing up kicking me to desktop.

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    plates around 80-90k, so not much better than the 100k they've been at, so still looking at around 140m to go 90 to 95, and the cinders are 1.3m each so another 80million on top to get to 99

    My 2nd account took me 3 months to get whm 99, get almost every area open and complete boss and atma tour of abyssea

    Jeuno is the centre of world, mainly due to area shouts, and the warps all over the world from the abyssea and VW npc's, in and just outside the city, and the new warps introduced last month as part of a new quest for Adoulin addon, lets you trade crystals for warps to places that don't have them.

    Also they're's alot of developer talk now( ), much like ff14 got and in the last week some of the stuff mentioned is going finally change the basics. Changes to Defense and Magic look to be good ones that will finally change the game from being all about attacking/haste.

    Also make sure to you windower on PC, just the basic program helps with alot of PC problems and updating the game to modern ease of use.

    also add some more on "effective jobs", recently alot of the new game content requires the jobs to use every option to hit "weakness" on High level mobs, which has helped alot of the weaker job classes see some action, but the current shift to high dmg output which craps up the classic tank classes until this fix the hate issues.

    War - strong, strong job, uses for everything.
    Monk - still very strong and now common tank class on nearly every monster/NM
    Thief - can hit weaponskills for stupid numbers but lacks DPS, so ends up being the TH bitch.
    White mage - most useful job, got some great buffs inthe last couple of years
    Black Mage - out dated, barely used outside of hitting weakness, might change when magic is changed
    Red Mage - like BLM, now MP management is not problem due to equipment and abilities, and all its decent spells appearing on other jobs, the jack of all trades is left to rot besides solo and ocassion lowman stuff
    Samurai - Very strong in attack and defense, useful for everything
    Dark knight - same as SAM, just need more WHM attention but it is the DPS to beat.
    Paladin - not used outside of HNM that have killer attacks, as every job can now "tank"
    Dragoon - not the joke it use to be with the buffs to the pet and jump attacks, still not enough to beat other DD
    Ninja - as with PLD, tanking is not needed, out dd'd by all 2 handers, used only for weakness hunting and solo
    Bard/Corsair - useful as ever, buffing and damage.
    Ranger - still strong but costs to run compared to 2 handers that get stronger damage for free.
    Blue Mage - picked up RDM mantle of do it all, needs skill to use correctly and a pain to get spells for.
    Summoner - good solo on certain things, but the timers on JA's let it down so only used for weakness in events
    Scholar - RDM 2.0
    Dancer - TP based healing that changed the game when first introduced, now its like thief. Good soloer for everything.
    Puppet master - not used in events, not as strong other jobs.
    Beast master - pet beefed up, can solo most monsters with a sheep.
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    Haha love the last line.

    Can solo most things with a sheep.

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    3 Months isn't bad for 1-99, I'll give the Windower a try, maybe that will sort the crashing issue.

    Seems I'd be best continuing on War but is it still primarily a tank? if so I may have to go with something else.


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