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    you can get to 99 in 2/3 days its just everything else about opening the world up and beefing your equipment/atma's takes the time.

    Every DD job is a tank now with the way anyone can put out crazy damage but War is a major DD, and in the world of weakness hunting on abyssea and VW monster, war's access to 3/4 of the weapons with high skill makes them a must for any party, you can also merit a weaponskill called upheaval at 99 which does a crap load of damage. But you will need to level samuari, its pretty must the go to sub for 2 handers atm.
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    Ah I see, I'll maybe start with leveling Samurai as a subjob then and after that continue War, It will be a good chance to relearn the game starting a new job from level 1.

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    Dancer is also sub you will need, good for all melee soloer's, lets your drain HP on hit and cure/erase using TP.

    Also make sure you have signet on they upgraded it a while back, it now gives a massive boost to def and eva vs ep/dc/em mobs as well having improved resting HP/MP and no TP loss on resting and finally access to super kupo powers(of which 3 random ones are choosen each week for everyone, you'll see a message everytime you when a new area what is active).

    Instant warps and reraise are now 10 conquest pts so there on excuse not to use them and temp chest offer temp meds to use out inthe field that randomly drop from mobs your killing, brown ones require unlocking with a guess the number mini game and give you perma items and sometimes a ra/ex.

    This is kind of tied into the ex page books called Field/Grounds of Valour, you'll see them everywhere, you get a choose of 6 to 8 training regime to kill X amount of monsters in return for exp boosts, gil and tabs (used to buy temp buffs fromthe books, like refresh, regen, protect, also gil and tabs can only be earn once per game day), if you do them in dungeons the exp pages can stack, so completing the same regime over and over increases the exp rewards and overs temp improvements to skills and HP/MP

    And be careful in dungeons, they changed all of them to include high level mobs for 90-99 players, in certain parts.
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    Some good info there Tobal, the field/grounds of valour are very similar to Leve Quests in XIV so that will be a good way for me to progress.

    Unfortunately I haven't figured out how to stop the game crashing yet, its strange as its almost exactly the same type of crashes FFXIV was having.

    The good news is I looked and I do have both Nin and Sam at 37 already, so at least I have two usable subjobs.

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    I installed this last night, will prob fire it up towards the end of next week, want to make sure I finish off with DMC and Darksiders 2 first.

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    Wedge you still called wedgemoon?

    Also anyone had any problems with windower? I just cant get this to launch on my PC with my 670 card. It crashes when trying to load the terms and conditions page. Works fine without it.
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    No, my character is called Azarenka

    I've had no luck with the crashes either, we have the same graphics card so if you manage to figure it out let me know.

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    Oh cool, will look you up tonight then.

    Fixed the crashing this morning, I had a program called OC Guru running for my 670 closed that and did the following settings and it now works. I found a thread on ffxiah in the support section, lots of people have had issues with the clocking programs that come with the 670s regardless of make. Seems all you have to do it close the program from the taskbar.

    UAC Off
    Run as Admin, Compatibility set to Win 7. (Weird as im running windows 7)
    Resolution set the same in FFXI Config as it is in Windower ini
    Remove the recast plugin that comes with Windower and update to the new one.

    All works a treat now.

    Also Tobal whats the new teleport system all about which I assume leads into the new expansion? I read up on playonline but cant make much scene of it.
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    You check withe npc/warp point for clues to where the warp points are around the world, go to the points the clues talk about and speak to the npc which opens them, trading crystals gives warp points, 30 pts to get to norg from the gardens. Example one of the 1st clues is for norg, there a new npc in norg, speak to him and he attunes the warp point for you, later ones in quest 2 and 3 are just marks to click on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tobal View Post
    you can get to 99 in 2/3 days its just everything else about opening the world up and beefing your equipment/atma's takes the time..
    how can u level up so fast?


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