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    Beautiful FINAL FANTASY XI 18th anniversary artwork by Mitsuhiro Arita:

    18th anniversary... how did that happen! Hope you guys are all good.

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    I love dropping into their website from time to time. It's hilarious how they've managed to keep the design untouched.

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    There's a rumour going around that this is going to get a full remake/update. Like, existing players will update to the new game with all their stuff, but it'll be for newer platforms and based on newer code.

    I wonder if there's any truth to it. I could see it, if I'm honest. It apparently still has a dedicated fanbase who are paying monthly, and when you have a game this old, it gets more and more expensive to update things, just for security, and because the tools and graphics formats become obsolete. With the game originally existing on PS2, it could probably do with a full refresh. I know that the PS2 version was "retired" years ago, but the core game was still designed for it.

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    they wouldn't endanger the current cash cow of 14. The only Remote chance of an engine update would have been Nexus mobile game they got the license to make about 4 years ago, i think we saw some new screen renders late 2018 as the last bit news.

    I think they're quite happy to keep it going (including buying every last PS2 dev kit in japan), the player base has maintained consistent to keep the money in for the servers and pay a dev team for monthly updates though covid really did a number on that, can't really take that PS2 based dev kit into the online space from home, though they say they sorted it out for June incoming update. And yes, i'm still playing...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tobal View Post
    And yes, i'm still playing...
    This is going to sound dismissive, so apologies in advance, but why?

    After 18 years, do you still find stuff in it to do?

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    If you have any knowledge of how the game worked during the 75 and Abyssea era then they recreated that for 119 era and with this game strengths (and still quite unique in MMO's) being horizontal gear progression and equipment change meta, along pile of events of collect that gear from, which have expanded incredibly in the 119 era usually getting 1 new long term event a year which has progression updates, and all of these can be scaled to single player to 18 man, daily/weekly tasks bought in from 14, and 5 super weapons to build for each 22jobs which all come with their own meta and with balance patches that changes Job strengths to to keep things fresh, there is just something about returning to events having geared up to (near)max and destroying monsters that gave you so much trouble.

    Aside from that i was lucky to find a secret cove of mainly UK players about 4 years ago, from running into a few of their members in random events, i mostly play 3 times a week with them all and talk on discord for linkshell(guild) events, i think if i was solo i would have stopped or playing alot less.

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    Will FFXI ever die? not this year anyhow, new storyline content on the way since RoV a couple of years ago.

    Assumptions seem to be the scraped 'Tartarus' Hell scape end game from Adoulin will make an appearance with mentions of light and dark relics and probably the remade empyrean armor to +2 and +3, so this will be at least 1-3 years of patches.

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    Its that time of Year again, May is here and that means FFxi turned 19....

    Yes, still playing.. in the last year i've built Monks empyrean weapon Verethragna (it's strongest H2H weapon) for lovely 50% triple damage on normal hits and tied into a strong weaponskill with victory smite. Ninja's Aeonic Katana, which allows for unique level 4 ultimate skillchains and just recently i got in beastmaster and made its mythic axe Aymar, while beast isn't as strong as it was for a 3 year period during the early to mid Adoulin era, it has found a niche as a strong debuffer, along with decent AoE attacks and personal shared buffs with the pet.

    As far next year goes, we still have monthly updates of the RoV storyline, occasional job spell/ja updates, ambu fights and Odyssey event content being the current gear grind. I think around christmas they have "promised" 22 job balance update, another new job progression system and a new event to update Empyrean armour to the 119+3 standard. They also updated to the Mog Lottery to and slapped in to some very unique weapons, tied into weapon models from the mainline series, stuff like a katana which for casting UTS shadows, it AoE's them on to the party..

    Cya next year
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    Thanks for the update Tob, it’s great that you’re still playing and enjoying! Interesting i’ve just casually started XIV again. Hope all is good with you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by talizker View Post
    Thanks for the update Tob, it’s great that you’re still playing and enjoying! Interesting i’ve just casually started XIV again. Hope all is good with you.
    Helps i have community on there to chat to on discord when we do big events twice a week, certainly helped me massively get through a tough year.


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