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    Final Fantasy XI (new thread)

    The server isn't handling these enormous threads well. Please continue in here....

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    So, it was only a matter of time until my awesomeness as a Ninja got me a spot in a fighting game.

    Seriously, what?

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    Good old MUGEN, not seen that in years, still i'm quite impressed with the effort they put even if i wonder why would the none NPC characters use old Artifact gear and none relic/empy/relic weapons... gonna give it go!

    Also of FFxi in general, got back into a another binge of sessions lately dividing time pretty farming viodwatch for HMP for my lvl95 empy (950/1500), Salavge2(alot more casual this time), meebles barrows which is basically Assault mark2 and a lovely large guess where quest to find warps around over the world in setting up the next expansion. And Jeuno christmas music + a new event quest to put a music disc player in the mog house to play a selection of tunes.
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    PLD can summon Behe! lol

    Link to DL. lol

    I always liked the look of this better though.
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    Got this installed again, but updates even on fibre optic will take 10 hours ish to download so I'll leave it running overnight.

    Going to take a look at my old character which was around lvl 50 I think and maybe do a bit on that or start a new one, not really looking to play seriously at the moment but just want to see if there is anything worth doing on it while waiting on ARR to launch.

    Was watching some FFXIV fraps videos earlier and need some sort of FF MMO fix, 4-5 more months is too long to wait.

    Also I take it Seraph merged with Bismarck as that's where it says my character is now located?
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    I might come on for a bash if your not doing out serious.

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    Well im the last man standing in bismark when it comes to us lot, though i still occasionally see an AFK tsing in jeuno and 1 of tickles mates.. alot of the current content is low manable and quite fun, old content is had been edit to be soloable in alot of places, and BST is beast for all of it nowerdays, just ask tickle about it when he last played.

    If you 2 do come back, i've been wanting to do the new version of toau's "Assault" called meeblesbarrows, not been able to get into due to the lack of progress for public parties (everyone require passes to get to the boss fights and later mission, like einhjar).

    update on myself, still going for my 95 empy weapon, nearly 1000/1500 plates done, doing alot salvage II for upgrade in usu gear.

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    Cool, it would be good to team up and do a bit on it, would I need anymore of the expansions, I have upto Wings of the Goddess but on the menu there is like 6 greyed out ones I don't have.

    It looks like my character is level 62 War 37 Nin, it logged me in at Aht Urghan, would that be high enough for the Assault?

    I feel so far behind on this game now, after logging in for a bit everyone I see is level 99, I did a /sea all and its amazing how many players are still on this, it was about 1200 people, compared with XIV which the last couple months was maybe 300-500 people.

    I take it Empy weapon is the new end game best choice?

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    Yeah you'll need lvl 99 to effectivily par-take inthe end game content otherwise you'll feel like you just there for the ride.

    didn't realise you where that lowm, leveling up going to be pain as regular exp parties are gone, replaced with soloing with the exp page books found in fields and dungeons, the "gusgen mines, low level skele trip" or Abyssea either leeching/keying if your low level or holding on if you don't have the right "upgrades" yet.

    Also you'll have 5 more level cap mission and the last one is a utter bitch(when i did it), i read in patch notes since they've toned it down but it certainly not soloable atm.

    Empyean weapons are in most cases the best(also free to make and decent at lvl90 where money then comes in to play to take it to 95/99), though the great Sword relic is the current best weapon due to the new great sword weapon skill you can merit up.

    How the game works right now

    Trail of Magians - moogle in jeuno gardens other free weapons to upgrade(kill X monsters or NM's), and will upgrade equipment for Relic armour and Empy(ean) armour found in Abyssea. Alot of content there.

    Abyssea - allience exp parties, upgrade item for Empy armour and weapons, works on it own version of FF7's Materia, kill monsters, get upgrades called atmas to boost things HP, crit hit %, refresh, regen, alot of stuff that once you finish makes you god like (in abyssea)

    Voidwatch - 18 man allience HNM battles(always public shouted), similar upgrade system to abyssea atma's, drops alot of nice stuff but <0.5% or worse drop rate on the pulse weapons (i've done close 1000's fight not seen a single pulse weapon)

    Dynamis - free to get in, and acts like dungeon area now so you can pretty much solo a relic weapon in 3/4 months on bst.

    Toau ver2 events - Nyzul Isle invesigation, einherjar and salvage all got 2nd versions with nice gear.

    Meeblebarrows - mix between SE failed custom dungeon event and Assault, seems people like it.. you get random monsters in random maps with random assault like missions to do.
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    Wow, the game has changed so much.

    I'll have to see then, it seems I'm kind of stuck at this level but I'll give some things a try.

    Thanks for running through all the info, I guess I should solo a bit and get familiar with the battle system again, sort my macros and such and then see how far I can get leveling.

    So far I've just gone from Aht Urghan on boat to Mhuara and on foot to Jeuno, looks like Jeuno is alot more busy than Aht Urghan at the moment, lots of people there.


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