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    Ah, that's a nice combo. Having a DPS, healer, and tank all levelled is a great place to be in - I played through most of Stormblood as DRK, but when you're behind on content it's very miserable to run a dungeon for the first time with no knowledge of the mechanics and to have impatient folks who've run it dozens of times before over-pulling and just generally undermining you.

    ARR/HW were definitely when I was drinking the kool-aid the hardest, and I'm definitely never going back in that hard, but I'd like to at least keep up with the main story and be able to see the neat side stuff - like you say, the NieR raids are a huge pull.

    Even my base PS4 still does a decent job running the game, so it's not like there are big performance gaps for the PS5 to cover; loading times feel like the best bet for focus on.

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    I'm tempted to go do some more story, got to the end of stormblood but never got round to starting SB.

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    PS5 beta begins on the 13th of April - link!

    We hope you enjoy a rich and unparalleled experience with lightning-fast loading times, greatly increased frame rates, true 4K resolution, 3D audio, and haptic feedback.
    I'm nearly up to date on the MSQ now, but given I'm also now apricots-deep in MH Rise I might hold off until this newest patch to finish things off. There's still plenty of side **** for me to do, which will probably be the case now until the end of time!

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    They're adding new trophies for the PS5 version too, which have now gone live - link. I like that there are now trophies for each expansion! I do not like that there are now trophies for clearing savage-difficulty raid content. Maybe I'll hold off on those until the next expansion and I can run them all unsynced

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    Shouting into the void here, but the PS5 beta went live yesterday, and first impressions are very disappointing. After playing the game at a solid 60 FPS for many years now, a bump in resolution (with no improved textures) that drops the game to about 40 FPS is not appealing in the slightest.

    On the plus side there's meant to be some new higher-res UI elements, load times are meant to be down a bit, and the install size has been able to drop by about 20 gigs too. I only got about 15 minutes to try it out though, and the headline for me was that 4K mode was not a great experience at all.

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    I'm reading! Going to get cracking on the new patch this Sunday. That really sucks about about the PS5 version though, would have expected more.

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    For the first time in a long time, I feel like I'm up to date!

    MSQ finished, loads of DOH and DOL levelled with first classes in each to 80, loads of missed beast tribes now getting there, a bunch of old raids cleared (Alex savage, -scape, additional Stormblood primals...) but perhaps most significantly, I got a clear on Diamond EX. I was a little undergeared, but I forgot that it's actually pretty enjoyable to learn a tough encounter in this game and see it through.

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    Been back on this something rotten lately; got DRK/AST/BLM all capped and kitted out in iLvl 510+, all crafters and gatherers capped, working on white scrip gear for them, and also finishing up an effort to max out all beast tribes (already finished some from SHB but having to go back as far as HW Moogles...) while I also level DNC for the last Crystarium questline I've got outstanding. Have cleared all of the 8 and 24 man raids (even a few Savage ones, unsyced), and MSQ is all up to date.

    Going to try and make a little bit of spare cash before Endwalker, but otherwise I'm going to have a nice little break before November, very much looking forward to where the end of this particular storyline takes us.


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