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    Cool, me and Tox met up on it earlier, throw me a friend request when you get on.

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    Have any of you guys played other MMO's like say WoW or Everquest 2? if so what did you think as it could determine whether or not your going to like the new FFXIV, I wish I could really talk more about the FFXIV Alpha but NDA and all.

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    If FFXIV V1 and WoW had a baby V2 is it. Not a bad thing though, as long as they promote it right this has the potential of doing very well.

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    Some of you guys are having lousy luck with Alpha invites, hoping soon we can get on it and give the low level dungeon a bash and see how party based battle works.

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    Yeah I was really hoping to have a play around with it before starting work on Monday. Oh well, who wants to play a glorified stress test anyway...

 ; ;

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    Alpha invite get, it's updating now

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    The new roadmap is out, looks like its gonna be a long wait.

    Basically it looks like May is the earliest and could take until July until its released.
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    Yup, only good thing is V1 characters will be usable it looks like from the 3rd Beta Phase, so for us it'll sort of be a month or two sooner, but still I'd hoped things would be alot sooner.


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