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    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Then...

    Please continue here.

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    Madness, what is this? Can we have the thread renamed to "FFXIV: A Realm Reborn Then..." please? ^^;

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    Starting to think about what to do when Alpha/Beta comes around, since its longer than expected until it all gets back on track I'm thinking about Beta, I will probably get back on the game full steam, level one job I have already done on my main, not bother with crafting and just play as normal just not caring so much about gear, its a way to enjoy the game and when our mains come back alive I can just pick up back on that, I reckon Beta will be long enough to get to 50 and test out some end game content. What do others think, are you gonna spend much time on alpha/beta?

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    yea probs gonna do same thing, can get to know what to do then when mains get back

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    If anyone can supply links or info concerning the PC versions new GFX scale-ability it'd be much appreesh.

    They really need to crank out some guest accounts or something if they want to get the numbers back.

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    Good post on some of the things we've been talking about during the end of 1.0

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    Is alpha test limited to only Gridania?

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    Based on all the footage released so far, the entire game is limited to just Gridania.

    And jumping. My god, the jumping...

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