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    That frog video is amazing!

    Love the video of people laughing on a train. So interesting seeing the type of contrasting reactions, brilliant.
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    I should have posted this around Halloween, 'cos it's one of THE spookiest videos I've ever seen!:

    These are the types of people vying for control of us!!!! Eugh, icky feeling all over, blech....

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    @Jazzfunk - is that shopped? Or is it real.....

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    ^Sadly,and oddly, it is actually real(!!!!!!)

    This smiley seems strangely appropriate to the way that vid makes me feel:

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    This one got a genuine chuckle from me! Ironic that half of the comments underneath the video are bigger grammatical offences than those mentioned in the video, though!

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    This is why I never ever want to visit Australia!

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