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    Youtube and vimeo video thread 2

    Please carry on here.
    Old thread was here:
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    That was fooking brilliant LoooooooL. The bastard wasnt even going to eat the shark, "I'm messing up his eye". I cant stand fishin for sport where you half mutilate the fish and then chuck the poor fooker back in!

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    My buddies Pistolshrimps, whom I have had the fortune to help out a few times, have a webseries going at the local newspaper's website. It's about an American cop trying to get away from the stressful and crime-filled New York so he got transferred to a small Norwegian town.

    The latest episode is about piracy and I'm in it as a SWAT-member (you can even see my face for a few seconds woo!). The episode has also the frontman of Datarock on the guestlist.

    If you can handle subtitles (as it's both in Norwegian and English), please have a look here

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    I would have probably screamed like a girl.

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    I think thats from the south american show, Infarto which I think translates to heart attack LOoooooooooOL

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    Lots of heartattacks here:

    To start with I was thinking yeah yeah seen it all before. But I really hadn't....

  8. #8 - My collection of Acorn Archimedes game videos done on the real machines. - My collection of Sinclair QL game videos done on real QLs.

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    Perfect, this should happen to everybody on the way to work


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