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    To be fair I've been putting it off because of how long it took so I wanted it done before the weekend was over.

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    Apart from Tiny Towers on my phone, I'm still playing Fallout: New Vegas and I'm loving it.

    I've hardly touched the main story, in fact, I think I've not even done the second part to it yet!

    Absolutely love milling around the desert looking for new landmarks and exploring the interesting ones.

    Yesterday I did a totally throwaway story that was brilliant. I found Vault 11 and started exploring it. At the entrance were a few skeletons, a pistol and a recording. The message is really cryptic as you hear the survivors explain they've won something, but they don't feel like they deserve to live.

    You then go about exploring the vault and reading the various computers to piece together what happened.

    The initial Overseer was given the order that every year one person must be selected to be sacrificed or everybody would be killed. He is the only one who knew this information at the time of entering the vault. No guide as to who should be chosen is given. Naturally, when the Overseer announced this news, everybody decided that he should be the one to be sacrificed. From then on, the role of Overseer became forever entwined with being sacrificed.

    The whole vault is plastered with election posters, but all of them insisting on selecting somebody else - "Kate has done nothing wrong, vote Andrews". There are recordings of a vault dweller forced into sleeping with the "Justice Bloc" council to avoid her husband getting voted (because he'd beaten them at cards), but when it looks like they'll vote him anyway, she starts killing them to lessen the numbers voting for him and making her a more popular choice for Overseer/sacrifice.

    Her first act as Overseer dissolved the election process and decreed that the position of Overseer would be chosen using the vault's computer systems and a random number generator. The Justice Bloc, aghast that they were going to lose the ability to control vault life by means of election threats, not only feared that one of their own members would be selected, but also worried that the damage to the vault's social structure would be so severe that they would have permanently lost power by the time one of their own members was elected and could reverse the Order. They decided to stage an armed coup to force Katherine to reverse Overseer Order 745. The fighting that ensued killed nearly all of the remaining vault dwellers population, and in the end only five people survived.

    Finally, you enter the sacrificial chamber and "follow the light". You watch a video about how your sacrifice is important and what a great life you've lived and to close your eyes. It's at that point that some secret doors open up to reveal a bunch of robots and turrets that rip you to shreds! Second attempt saw me better prepared and took out the enemies.

    You pass through into the final room that contains a giant supercomputer that, when activated, plays a recorded message:
    "Congratulations, citizens of Vault 11! You have made the decision not to sacrifice one of your own. You can walk with your head held high knowing that your commitment to human life is a shining example to us all. And to make that feeling of pride even sweeter, I have some exciting news. Despite what you were led to believe, the population of Vault 11 is not going to be exterminated for its disobedience. Instead, the mechanism to open the main vault door has now been enabled, and you can come and go at your leisure. But not so fast! Be sure to check with your overseer to find out if it's safe to leave. Here at Vault-Tec, your safety is our number one priority."

    So the whole community had been decimated because everybody was scared they'd be chosen to be sacrificed. Betrayal, civil war, murder and revolution lead to only five people remaining.

    When they learned the truth that disobeying the command wouldn't have lead to death, only freedom, they all agreed they didn't deserve to win and formed a suicide pact.

    Absolutely brilliant stuff! Like an episode of The Outer Limits or something. I was really grinning when I found out what really happened and this is only a small story that is completely independent of the main one!
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    I completed Crysis 2 in one sitting yesterday. Nice grafx, and gameplay elements, but the storyline sucked hard IMO.

    I also tried going back to Battlefield 3, but I fear I've left it too long, as I just couldn't get into it at all.
    Kept you waiting, huh?

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    I really struggled with Cyrsis 2.

    It heavily emphasises stealth and doing each section correctly, but doesn't allow to you quick save or restart sections easily.

    I'm sure the argument against quicksaves is that it makes a game too easy or too short, but the fact that even without them, you did it in one sitting and it put me off playing altogether, would seem to negate those points...

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    TBH I didn't use stealth at all until the infiltration section at the end. I started off playing using cover as it seems you are intended to, but then I started playing as though it was Doom. Just strafing and using the Armour mode combined with hiding when my life got low.
    Kept you waiting, huh?

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    J0e, give it another week and the Aftermath DLC will be out for PS3 Premium (Nov 27th). Everyone will be on square one with that.

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    Sin and Punishment : Successor of the Skies

    This is superb. Super intense, no time to stop and think and all the time you're thinking "damn, if I'd taken out those two guys there I could have taken this big fella out faster. I'll do that next time". Playing with the wiimote/nunchuck combo which I imagine must be the ideal control scheme. How could you possibly aim at all the different enemies on the screen with any other control scheme?

    Stalker : Shadow of Chernobyl

    This continues to delight and frustrate. It can be quite tough at times but I'm getting back into the swing of things now and managed to stealth kill a couple of dudes last night under the cover of darkness. Desperate to get hold of some night vision goggles. It's like a single-player Day-Z.
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    Quote Originally Posted by J0e Musashi View Post
    I completed Crysis 2 in one sitting yesterday.
    How long did it take? Can see this being one of those PS+ 'play through once and delete' games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post
    Absolutely brilliant stuff! Like an episode of The Outer Limits or something. I was really grinning when I found out what really happened and this is only a small story that is completely independent of the main one!
    That was a great part indeed, very immersive and you just wanted to find out what the heck happened in that place. It's a good example of Obsidian's strong-points of creating interesting and well-written characters and worlds which is why I find New Vegas vastly superior to Fallout 3.

    Josh Sawyer of Obsidian is a big fan of studying history and how different societies work. He was the lead designer on New Vegas and is also the director of their new Kickstarter RPG, Project Eternity so you should probably keep an eye on that game in 2014...

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    Ah, reading this makes me want to replay New Vegas. Absolutely storming game, even if i did have to wear a cowboy hat while spinning in circles just to avoid the bug that would make the game crash when entering New Vegas.


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