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    I never liked being forced into becoming a werewolf, especially when role-playing as a priest. The buffs are massively imbalanced, too.

    There's a Companion's questline mod for all that though, thankfully.

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    Yeah that werewolf quest is one I haven’t yet advanced but can’t say I just don’t want to be one.

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    Trio on the go:

    Recore. Find the map and entire layout of areas a right chew on. It wants to have the classic gaming dynamic of Ďintroduce an area - taunt player with inaccessible sections - make them realise that they have to come back later when new skills are acquiredí, but its a source of frustration rather than inspiration. Back in the day, I loved Soul Reaver for this. But the world of Recore is so tedious, itís more of a chore than anything else. Itís a shame, because I like the gunplay and daft companions. I just canít be faffed with the hassle most of the time.

    Shadow Tactics. I adore this. But it is so, so tough and unforgiving. I love the setting, the premise, the art style, the characters, the controls. I love the satisfaction of a perfectly-executed infiltration or assassination. I love the difficulty. But, lord, is it tough. Saves needed every moment, and some of the challenges seem impossible. Still, Iíve really enjoyed this, but progress is so painstakingly slow that Iím only dipping in and out.

    The Witcher III. Iíve barely started this, but absolutely love it so far. The world is gorgeous, and I love the ambiguity of the side missions. The crafting and ability points stuff is all a bit overwhelming, and the combat seems fiddly (I donít seem to be able to remember to use parry), but Iím loving the richness of the setting so far.
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    What Remains of Edith Finch
    I finally took a punt on this and I'm so glad I did. The world the game takes place in is mega. Detail and atmosphere in every nook and cranny. I love soaking it all in, and learning about the family, their stories told in wonderfully creative ways. But I'm trying so hard not to burn through it in one sitting as it feels so special.

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    Nothing but Monster Hunter World since its release. Rare behaviour from me that. It must be good.

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    Been playing a bit of my old GWG Gears Of War Judgment on the 360, as I hear the BC for this ain't optimum on Xbone.

    It's another of those stunning-looking late 360 releases that still looks great now. The last gen was such an awesome quantum leap, it forever impresses me.

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    @JazzFunk: just played GTA V on PS3 the other day and couldn't get over how it still looks like a marvel. Flew a helicopter through the city at night and over to the airport and it's jaw dropping. Can't imagine how they improved it on PS4, less mip-map switching and better AA, I guess and 1080p instead of 720p, I guess . The PS3 water effects on a jetski are amazing, with waves, foam and reflections - superb!

    Last gen was a beauty!

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    Think it's just a more consistent framerate, slightly higher def, an onfoot FPS viewpoint and a handful of new missions. Only goes to show how good the last gen versions look.

    Was feeling this way about Bioshock Infinite t'other day as well, it throws so many nice visual fx at you from the very start it almost looks current gen at many points.

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    Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare on PS3. I'm having fun with it, I've tried getting into the main RDR campaign several times but I always lose interest, so I'm enjoying this simplistic take on RDR so far, it's actually quite spooky and having not played RDR on PS3 before, it actually looks really nice and not the pale shadow of the 360 version it was made out to be at the time.

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    Now just come across a glitch that's made all the non-zombies in this town lose their head, they're just going about their business all headless.

    I'm gonna kill 'em all.


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