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    Remember there's a flickr button (blue and pink dot).

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    Okay, I'll be the first person to post a pic in the new thread. I've entered this one in the AP Nov forum comp - quite interesting taking an expensive camera out on a Friday night and then pointing it at volatile situations, but it gives you a bit of a rush ...

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    I'm still undecided on what I should enter this month, got an old one from crufts (iso3200) which I like, but I'll do to do something new first.

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    I had a few different shots but settled on the one above - I've mostly used new shots this year.

    The final theme of the year "Where’s the colour gone" should give plenty of scope for new ideas.

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    I was out and about today so here come the photos.

    What Country by Yakum01975, on Flickr

    Autumn Road by Yakum01975, on Flickr

    Autumn Leaf - yellow by Yakum01975, on Flickr

    Elderly walk by Yakum01975, on Flickr

    Autumn Leaves - Red by Yakum01975, on Flickr

    Autumn Leaves - Red3 by Yakum01975, on Flickr

    Elderly walk 2 by Yakum01975, on Flickr

    Elderly walk 3 by Yakum01975, on Flickr

    Elderly walk 4 by Yakum01975, on Flickr

    Autumn Leaf by Yakum01975, on Flickr

    yummy mac by Yakum01975, on Flickr

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    Some nice shots there, "Autumn Leaves" stands out.

    I've been out in the night again, in the blustery wind and ended up with this somewhat abstract shot ...

    By the Moonlight by MartyPG13, on Flickr

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    Moody shot. What camera and lens are you using?

    EDIT: never mind I can find out by clicking on the flicker link. Silly me.
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    Hi peeps. I have a canon ixus 70 compact which takes amazing macros and outdoor shots, but indoors it's completely pants.

    The main advantage is its size and price, but I'm willing to spend a bit more next time and go a bit larger if I can get better indoor shots. Do compact cameras exist at sub ?200 prices that actually take good low noise pics indoors?

    If they do exist, any tips on what I should look for? Is it size of sensor? Or type of sensor?
    Any links to decent kit?

    For example Canon claims the SX240 HS can do low light, but feedback in amazon reviews suggests it's still rubbish. (Canon have a ?30 cashback on at the mo, which brings that down to ?134

    As long as it's noticeably better than my Ixus70 I'm happy. It doesn't have to be DSLR quality.
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