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    Quote Originally Posted by wakka View Post
    Blimey, if you can't post stuff like that on here without getting called a saddo, where can you post it? Bit rude imo to call someone stupid after they've bothered to post it. It's interesting to see how different people choose to collect and display those collections.
    Extremely rude; red stars set up is ace. Also to be called insane? wow

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    Just joe trying to be edgy as usual & failing, it comes off as extremely condescending & rude.
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    I have no problem with that set up. I only wish I had some of those consoles.

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    Ignore that doofus.

    That looks amazing, @redstar_dan!

    The framed posters are a nice touch too.
    It's obviously taken a lot of time, money and planning, but it's been worth it.

    I'll be over tonight about 8:15, depending on traffic.

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    There are some nice choices in there. I like how he's got a V-Saturn Model 2. They've got a really cool colour scheme.

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    Must admit - it is pretty funny the way big joe throws in the stink bomb, waits for it to break, then does a runner before he can catch a whiff!

    What’s more funny is the even though it’s a repeat pattern, he gets away unscathed every time!

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    Not exactly a great way of keeping people posting on here when this kind of crap is allowed. Bit sad really that people can only enjoy themselves when tearing someone else down, Dans collection setup is great it’s at least interesting & personalised.

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    I think it looks awesome @redstar_dan. Not what I would have personally but I think it's pretty cool.

    If I'd won the lottery I'd have something akin to an indie videogame shop, circa 2002. I used to love browsing those shops and I miss them now they've gone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by J0e Musashi View Post
    Thatís what I as getting at. It looks awesome if it was 1992. Lighted displays that even my 6-year-old would question is insane.

    Iím not anybody important enough to question anotherís will, but that seems like a life-long dream to me. The display itself is lost amongst all of that glass and lighting.

    At the grand old age of 40; I just laugh at the stupidity of it.
    You meanie.


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