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    Handy little chair there, I like the setup.

    And yeah don't worry, I abuse Speedy plenty in IRC, all in good fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ikobo View Post
    I thought the AES in the first pic would've been the giveaway CMcK!
    Doh! My bad. Too distracted by all those lovely carts.

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    This dedication to the NEO is why I'm taking the MVS route in the new year. Not quite as desirable as the AES but definitely the saner choice for now.

    Are you bringing the plasma up, Colin?

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    I doubt it Barrie, someone else will probably get the chance to own it.

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    Very nice.. has to be said..

    I envy your tidiness! I'm a bit of a slob

    By the way, how much did you pay for the actual console itself? I believe I see some console passion handywork on it!

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    Hard to put a price on the console as i've sold it to other members here twice then bought it back as I missed it. It has been modded by console passion though.

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    My setup. A little cluttered given I'm trying to fit 8 consoles into a 4-shelf cabinet but it works. The TV is a Trinitron KV-X2162U and I use a Vivanco scart switcher with 4 RGB-scart enabled inputs on the back + one S-Vid/RCA input on the front which is nice quality (I don't actually notice any drop in picture or audio quality and I'm quite a stickler - apparently these things retailed at ?50 in their day. I got mine for ?2 ).

    (I'm sure everybody knows the difficulty of trying to photograph a CRT screen; the picture always look like ass. It looks great IRL!)

    The Wii, PS2 and GC are PAL. Wii has been softmodded for region free gaming, and I have a Freeloader for the GC to allow NTSC games although as most GC games are 60Hz the majority of my collection is comprised of PAL titles. The PS2 is PAL, and really is just a DVD player that I occasionally buy a game for so I haven't felt the need to invest in modding for it yet. The Spice GC is for Japanese games so I can play them with the Japanese text intact (and there are some which don't save at all on English consoles).

    The N64 is NTSC (inner tray taken out). The Saturn is Japanese and currently a work in progress as I'm in the process of getting a Scart cable and voltage converter. I don't use the SNES or NES much but both are PAL (although the NES has had the region lock disabled as I could only find US copies of Stack-Up, and I don't mind that it runs slow). The NES really just a machine for novelty Duck Hunt rounds with friends or for when they ask "What does that robot on your shelf do?" The SNES is just for Starwing and Super Mario Kart, and if I ever actually got into SNES gaming I'd replace my current PAL console with a US one (with the tabs taken out).

    And finally, the gaming shelf:

    Doesn't take a genius to work out which is my favourite console...
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    Lovely setup, the spice gamecube is the best thing ever

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    Great setup. I'm just curious though, why have two gamecubes setup if you have a wii, especially when, as you said, space is at a premium?

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    Re: Post your gaming setups

    Needs more bongos!

    Lovely set up, Dan!


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