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    Great setup. I'm just curious though, why have two gamecubes setup if you have a wii, especially when, as you said, space is at a premium?
    There's a few reasons for that actually. The reason it's there in the first place is because I got that GC with a Freeloader before I realised how easy it was to mod a Wii to disable the region lock, so initially it was to allow import games (before I got my Spice GC, although I obviously still use the Freeloader for US games). The reason I don't now put it into storage is partially because of the Game Boy Player which I do use semi-regularly, but also just for sheer ease in going straight into GC games without messing around with the Wii Menu first. There's a couple of other reasons, like the GC has a slightly sharper video output than the Wii (can't say I've noticed) and also because the Wii's going a bit kaput as the GPU showing signs of breaking down with little coloured squares appearing every now and then. To preserve it for longer, I'll just keep using the GC. I don't have anything better to put there anyways.

    Also, the PSO fan servers are still running and I have a Broadband adapter so if I wanted to go online, which I have maybe twice, I theoretically could.

    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post
    Needs more bongos!

    Lovely set up, Dan!
    Heh, thanks! Being in a musical circle of friends means that I know a good few people who like rhythm action titles, and we've spent many an evening on all three versions of Donkey Konga

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    Lets hope none of those US RPGs fall down huh?

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    They are all in lovely Sentinel 64 hard plastic cases.

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    Yeah. Already dropped one! The do a decent job of stopping impacts and keeping the boxes mint. I imaging repeated dropping would cause the case to crack.

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    Ketsui: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi has just been announced as getting a Japanese PlayStation 3 release on the 25th July.

    Got a UK 360 and have all the UK/region free stuff so I'm really hoping that they don't region lock this as I really like the game. It's being released by 5gp, I'm not sure but I think it's them who are bringing Mamoru-kun (I know it's not over here so we may even get a local release? I'd really like to see a few more of these games getting a region free release.

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    Singapore setup.

    TV is a Samsung 55 LED Smart. Amazing picture. Really great being able to watch Youtube clips on it.

    Japanese Nintendo 64 (purchased on release day). Has an EverDrive 64 v2 flash cart installed (legitimate ROMs only). Hooked up via Monster S-Video cable. Cannot be assed with RGB.

    USA PS3. 3.55 firmware. External 2TB HD for my backups (legitimate games only). People with kids know why this is a winner. Hooked up via HDMI.

    Original USA Xbox (purchased on release day). Hard modded. Used as an emulation system for C64, Amiga, Amiga CD32, NES/Famicom, SNES/Super Famicom, Megadrive/Genesis, Sega CD, PC Engine/Turbografx. Also runs CoinOps so all arcade/NEO GEO games up until about 2000 (so, all the good ones) run perfectly (in my eyes). Hooked up via official component cable.

    Japanese Wii. Hardmodded. External 1TB hard drive for all Wii and Gamecube games (legitimate again). Hooked up via official component cable.

    The joysticks are a modded X-Arcade solo which has hookups for all these systems and a generic Super Famicom arcade stick which has been modified to work on all the systems except PS3.

    Everything connects to a DVDO iScan HD+ image processor. This allows all the devices to connect to the TV via VGA in upscaled 1080p. And by upscaled, I mean superbly so. A few years back this was a professional piece of video equipment that retailed for USD$1,500. This then connects to an SLG3000 so I can activate scanlines on all the retro games (so they don't look like ass on an HDTV).

    Japanese Sega Saturn, USA Sega Dreamcast and two Sega New Astro City arcade cabinets in process of being added.

    Games on HDs and either in a box in Singapore, Shanghai or Christchurch.
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