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    I said I'd repost these pics of our play room after they were lost in the crash.

    (Yes, the MVC2 is stretched, I was just testing the outputs)

    We had the garage converted and we always planned to have it multi-function. We found the kids toys were drifting into the lounge and it was getting messy, so we wanted a space for them to play and a door we can close when we want to ignore the mess! We also wanted a spare room for guests to stay in after the spare bedroom became our new daughter's room. We also needed somewhere to do laundry.

    The plan was to have the room done and then think about a projector later on, but little did I know my wife was manically researching screens, projectors, throw sizes and fan dB at the same time as me, as a birthday present. Even creating a profile on here and asking people for some advice - thanks again, @Pavey!

    I went for an optician's appointment and when I came back, my wife, mom and mother-in-law were all waiting for me, but I wasn't in trouble.

    They handed me a birthday present and told me to open it.
    Inside were three remotes and they ushered me into the play room where I noticed a projector installed on the ceiling that wasn't there before I went out!
    Between the three of them, they'd gotten me a projector, motorised screen, HDMI switcher boxes and a PS4Pro!

    So I've made a few changes, but it pretty much looks the same from about ten months ago. There's a bunch of pics, so I'll spoiler them for easier reading. If you have any questions, just let me know.
    In an ideal world, I'd have a cinema in the East Wing of the mansion, but back in the real world, I've been really pleased with functionality of the room and even about a year later, I'm still pinching myself that I'm finally playing on a projector!

    First, some practical things.
    The room has several functions and we've got this clever mirror cupboard on the wall that drops down to a table. Inside are some craft stuff for the kids and a couple of hidden sockets so you can work off a laptop on the table.
    It also folds out of the way and we've installed some under-cabinet lighting for a relaxed evening atmosphere.
    The false ceiling hides all the halogen spots. There's a raised floor with insulation that matches the height of the kitchen and the walls also have insulation, but also hide the cabling from the consoles to the telly and projector. The cuboard at the end hides the boiler. My wife bought some spice racks from IKEA and painted them in the room's colour scheme and they make great bookshelves for the kids' books.

    We built an extra cupboard that has a door that we painted in magnetic chalkboard paint that hides the tumble dryer and washing machine. They're strapped together with a little drawer in between that's handy when you're pairing socks as they come out of the tumble dryer! The washing machine is plumbed in and there's a vent to outside for the tumbler.

    On the other wall is the telly, mounted on a movable bracket. You don't always want the projector going, so it's a smaller screen. There are a couple of closed cupboards that hide the gas and electricity meters.

    On the shelves are books, games, DVDs and Blu-Rays. I'm trying to build up a small collection of 3D movies, picking up some bargains that have been out a while and getting the Marvel films. There's a selection of boardgames, but there's more since I got took this as a bunch of Kickstarters have arrived!

    On to the technical kit, it used to look like this with 5 devices going to a switcher box, which then went to splitter box that sent a signal to the telly and projector at the same time. It outputs audio to an optical connector and I've got some old wireless 360 Turtle Beach headphones if I want to watch something LOUD, but normally just use the in-built speakers on the projector. The box on the left converts the MAME Xbox to HDMI.

    However, I swapped this out since and changed it to one splitter/switcher box that sends sends the six inputs to two outputs that don't have to be showing the same thing. It's a lot neater and it's freed up space for and Xbox One!
    There's a shelf for some toy basket, a smaller shelf for file boxes (magazines and stationery) and three shelves for the AV devices.
    PS4 Pro, HDMI switch, Virgin Tivo, PS3, Xbox 360, OG MAME Xbox and Xbox One.
    It was really important that a load of cables aren't on show, so everything is hidden at the back.

    I've tried a couple of other consoles and I'd like to play a bit more of the Dreamcast Shooters like Zero Gunner 2, but for the moment, with the new consoles and the emulator Xbox, I've got plenty to keep me busy.
    Gachapon Neo-Geo and Mega Drive for comedy value!

    Everything except the PS4 (Sony won't allow 3rd-party devices to control it) is controlled with a Harmony remote. I've got some activities programmed in so I can press one button and the screen will drop, the projector will start and the HDMI switch will power up and change to the right output.

    So here's the screen up and down. It's quite clever because it's completely out of the way when it's not in use and drops down over the door when you want to watch something. It's one button press to raise it and get out - it's an easy compromise.

    It's weird because it looks smaller in the pictures, but when you're in front of it, the screen fills your vision and is a real cinematic experience.
    Pad size for comparison.

    So, that's my current set up and I'm really happy with it. I can watch movies via Netflix and Amazon Prime, 3D films on the PS4, telly via the Tivo box and gaming on all the consoles, including retro stuff like arcade games and shmups like Gradius V.

    I'm totally chuffed and very blessed to have such a lovely wife and family!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaki Matar View Post
    You are lucky Mark superg won't make anymore JP21 switches anymore.
    Oh man, that's a shame. I actually blew mine up the day I got it too which led to superg improving the design. Plus he fixed mine for free. Top guy!

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    Well I'm not going to get a simpler layout or be any happier than this, every NEO and PCE game on tap played on original hardware. (Neo SD and Super SD System 3) Class.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colin View Post
    Well I'm not going to get a simpler layout or be any happier than this, every NEO and PCE game on tap played on original hardware. (Neo SD and Super SD System 3) Class.

    Love that, really nice set-up Colin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colin View Post
    Well I'm not going to get a simpler layout or be any happier than this, every NEO and PCE game on tap played on original hardware. (Neo SD and Super SD System 3) Class.

    Maybe fit a screen on the dash of the Aston and play them in that? That'd be pretty cool.

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    I got side eye for taking the Aston to bits already this month, but if it was doable.......

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    That looks like a proper nice strong table.

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    Neogeo (with NEOSD), JP 360, Switch, PS Pro, Xbox One X, Apple TV.

    I'm planning to add a Super NT at some point as well.
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    Can't view those Gary, says they are 'adult' pictures.


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