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    its very tastefully done love whole room setup, bet at night it looks super cozy too.

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    Tintin where’s the tv unit from please ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Junko View Post
    Tintin where’s the tv unit from please ?
    I got it online from a company called Swoon Editions. I don't think you can get my model any more but they have similar.


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    And the sense to play Battlefront, not Battlefront 2.

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    Might have a problem with another CRT in storage 0_o

    Havnt been bothered to plug all the systems in yet been back breaking moving all this down a floor.

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    My compact setup.

    PC Engine will always be my number 1 console.

    I used to have 3 cabs too but a house downsize was the nail in their coffin.

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    Well god damn Gradius, that is A-MA-ZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Yeah that's a sexy set up. Gotta love some shmupy goodness.

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    Holy ****.

    Tripple thumbs-up for PC Engine motherload.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baseley09 View Post
    Holy ****.

    Tripple thumbs-up for PC Engine motherload.
    I’ve had PC Engines since 1989 and started properly collecting the games around 20 years ago. I’m 15 hucards short of a full set. Unfortunately, some of the missing ones are the super expensive ones like Coryoon and Magical Chase.


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