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    Jon Hopkins' Singularity was possibly my favourite album from 2018.

    Courtney Barnett's and Father John Misty's last albums didn't grip me like their previous ones. Parquet Courts album was pretty good though as was Kurt Vile's. And Prince's Piano and a Microphone was just sublime for a lifelong fan like myself.

    But mostly i buy older albums: Millie Jackson, Ann Peebles, Creedence, Santana, Roxy Music, Chris Rea, Reba McIntyre, Mongo Santamaria, Grace Jones, Queen and Kid Creole have all been picked up lately. Amongst many others much to the wife's pleasure.

    Lindsay Buckingham's 3cd/6LP set is pretty cool if you're a fan of Fleetwood Mac. And also the remaster of The Beatles White Album has been a recent highlight.

    Sufjan Stevens' Songs for Christmas has gone back to the topshelf for another year now. It's a godsend of an album during a period when all you hear is ****ing Slade and Paul McCartney.

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    Relistening to all of Devin Townsend's discog in the run up to him releasing Empath.

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    Dune Spice Opera.

    Sweet Jesus, it's good. Such a shame the CD is rare now. Finding it for about 60 quid online. YouTube will have to do for now, then.

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    Thanks for the heads up fuse. Been looking forward to that since they toured last year.

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    Totally loving anything by DubFX at the moment. Currently listening to Live In The Street album.

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    Scared to come into this 'Tube heavy thread, but I listened to War of the Worlds for the first time properly this week and really enjoyed it.

    First couple of tracks are best, but it was funny to hear the ending because my mom didn't like the fact that the Martians return, so stopped the tape copying it early!

    You don't get many concept albums like this any more.

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    Yep, it's a pretty fantastic piece of work. I go back to it every few years.


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