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    Today, Zen Monkey is listening to this superb track by Dreamcatcher:

    Zen Monkey is also listening to the new M83, DVII. He thinks it's basically M83's Final Fantasy soundtrack. He likes this.

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    I've listened to the new Tool album a couple of times, it's epic.

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    I enjoyed my first couple of listens, but I'm already not finding myself drawn to keep going back. Maybe it'll need time; I know 10,000 Days took a bit of time before the revisit where it clicked too.

    Today though?

    Bloody hell, this album is very good.

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    New Pixies and Bruce Springsteen albums ... there's life in the old dogs yet.

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    I do like to think Zen Monkey is away from the forum, living his best life, listening to the new Lightning Bolt

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    A bit of a mix lol
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    Big fan of this Telefon Tel Aviv number that Zen Monkey's spinning today

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    Torgny is a Norwegian artist with some amazing tracks (check out his Cut and Run tracks in particular). He has a new collection out today that's mostly odd but I find myself fascinated by this track which seems to be a musical letter to Kathryn Bigelow.


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