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    Can I offer this as a work of genius too:

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    Unable to get this out of my head at the moment thanks to FIFA 13, which has a nice soundtrack overall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlesr View Post
    Can I offer this as a work of genius too:
    You sure can

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    The Knife announced a new album today so i am happy...

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    In keeping with Kit's theme, here's Chromeo on Yo Gabba Gabba...

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    He he! enjoyed that.

    There's a severe lack of turn table use in todays childrens programming.

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    Curb Servin' again, still sounds aces after 17(!) years of heavy rotation:

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    Spurred on by teddymeow's jazz/blues thread, got relistening to an ace old jazz compilation, this is just really breezy and sublime:


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