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    If you can get a cheap fix for the power supply as Speedy suggests, I would wait. I use a 50" 2012 UT50 series Panasonic plasma and while the image in low light/darkness is beautifully rich, natural and sharp (particularly using True Cinema mode with BRs), the set has issues with reflectivity in daytime viewing on sunny days.

    For that reason I'd like to upgrade - but it just isn't worth it right now in my view. We're right on the cusp of OLED becoming truly affordable for the average joe, which is the real next generation. Currently 1080p OLED sets are around ?1800, a little rich for my blood. There's no way I'd downgrade to an LCD though as I know it would be a disappointing trade-off just to get better performance in daylight (which is maybe only 20% of my usage anyway).

    With Panasonic rumoured to be launching their consumer OLED line at IFA this year and LG's 4K OLEDs already on the market (currently ?3800 for 55"), exciting things are happening. I would give it another 12 - 24 months and I think OLED technology will have further matured and prices will have fallen.

    4K is meh at the moment as there still isn't any content, other than a bit of stuff on Netflix which will be heavily compressed anyway. Even once the discs and players are out it'll still probably represent a fraction of your viewing realistically.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wakka View Post
    4K is meh at the moment as there still isn't any content, other than a bit of stuff on Netflix which will be heavily compressed anyway
    And BT sport.

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    Hopefully panny oleds will be worth waiting for, prices will sting for another year at least though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bash View Post
    Hopefully panny oleds will be worth waiting for, prices will sting for another year at least though.
    I reckon the price will still be high for at least 2 years from now, especially in the 46"+ sizes. That's why I chose to have the 'Sony LED stop gap' TV until then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smouty View Post
    And BT sport.
    Ah fair enough, I wouldn't know about that as I don't watch any sports

    Agreed with bash and Press Start that prices will be high for a while yet on the OLED 4K models. It will be interesting to see whether they produce further 1080p sets to occupy the low end on OLED, or keep it the preserve of the high end with 4K only.

    Really can't wait to get an OLED set myself. It's going to be very interesting at the end of this year when the 4K BR players and discs finally drop, to see what the initial reviews are like of those. I'm also curious to see how full the release schedules for 4K discs will be, and what films are initially chosen.

    One thought of mine is we will see an initial glut of classics that have already had recently had restorations, like the Godfather trilogy. They probably restored them in 4K and then just downsampled them for the recent-ish Blurays.

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    Soooo the power issue with the TV is getting worse I've called a friend of my parents who's a techy & hoping he can see if it's savable but I have started looking just in case.

    I have just started reading up on this HDR lark & it's all a bit more confusing now.
    Is there a list of current sets that support it or is this still something due to come in properly in the next few months?
    I just want to try & see what options there are as ideally I want to future proof as far as I can as I won't be upgrading again anytime soon (this current set will be 6 years old in July as an example of how often I change) & if I can get by with the fix on this set then waiting for a HDR compatible one would be preferable.

    Thanks again for any advice


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    Take the back cover off of the TV and have a look for the PSU. There will likely be some obvious sign of damage maybe swollen capacitors or black marks on the board around an iffy component. A replacement part won't cost much at all. Modern TV's are usually easy to fix unless it is the panel itself.

    The new UltraHD and HDR stuff looks like it will offer the greatest improvement in TV pictures we have seen for a long time. The HDR aspect in particular. The UHD Alliance is going to be certifying TVs that meet the criteria for proper UHD, including HDR, playback. There seems to be two main standards at present with HDR10 being the baseline and best supported. Dolby Vision seems to be getting plenty of traction too but it appears the chipsets for UHD Blu-ray players aren't quite ready yet.
    Getting an UHD Alliance Premium certified TV is a good bet with regards to future proofing. All of the 2016 model LG OLED Tvs will carry this certification and all appear to have the same panel and image quality.

    I fancy buying an OLED later this year but will wait to see how these newer TVs fair with regards to input lag and see who ships a UHD BD player with HDR10 and Dolby Vision support.

    Probably the biggest downside to moving to UHD is the lack of stuff to watch in UHD let alone with HDR. I don't use any streaming sites and Virgin Media seem to be keeping quiet about their UHD plans.

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    Ordered a 2017 UHD Samsung. What should I do with the standard settings and any games for PS4 that are worth looking at?

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    For the picture settings select cinema, movie or equivalent and turn off all additional processing. You might think things look a little bit yellow initially but stick with it. If there is a gaming setting turn that on too.
    I guess you have a 4Pro but even that doesn't really have many 4k games. Rez does look tremendous in 4k though and you'll get some benefit from any HDR compatible games too. Titanfall 2 looks lush on an UHD display.

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    Thanks mate, got GT Sport to try, Destiny 2 but no HDR on that I think.
    Good shout on the processing.


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