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    You're going to see retention with the current Panasonics.

    The only plasmas at the moment that seem to be basically retention free are the 60" Samsungs. Unlike the 50" versions it's almost impossible to get retention on them (Google HDTVtest PS60E6500).

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    Maybe rentention is the wrong phrase. How about screen burn? Are they still prone to that?

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    My friend has the GT50 and has retention all the time. My 2 year old Samsung on the other hand is almost totally free of retention.

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    I've bought one now! lets see how we get on.

    I'm liking what I'm seeing so far.

    the sound is really bad though.
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    Just bought a Panasonic 42" LED (this one: http://www.sevenoakssoundandvision.c...vs?pp=96&pp=96). Having spent the afternoon playing with it, I'm not that happy with the picture....

    On the Cinema pre-sets, the picture looks washed out if it's a normal film - Avatar in 3D looked great, but Casino Royale, The Dark Knight, Spiderman and Ted (it's what was sitting by the player at the time...) look poor. I'm guessing that I shouldn't be using the pre-sets, or that there are settings I should be turning off, but I've no idea where to start.

    Are there any good site online as pointers?

    Also hoping I haven't been spoilt - had a Panasonic Plasma for three weeks and loved the picture, but two different sets had a buzzing noise from the back if you played either a bright Blu-Ray or Xbox 360 game. Didn't want to risk third time lucky (and Panasonic's store were awful in terms of customer service) so plumped for a new LED screen.

    Any advice appreciated.

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    The Panasonic LCDs are decent, at least the European versions are better than the gimped US sets.

    Go into the advanced menu and turn on advance(calibration) or advance(isfccc) (not sure what it's called on the European LCDs).

    That'll unlock two Professional picture modes.

    Leave Brightness (black level) where it is. To adjust the screen brightness, change Contrast.
    Turn Sharpness to 0 or 1 for HD content. More for SD if you like. Also shut off [CATS] and the [P-NR] stuff.

    Go into advanced and turn the 16:9 Overscan on, 24p Smooth Film off, Intelligent Frame Creation Off or Low.
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    Ah, Lyris, thanks for that. I'd stumbled on a thread about the TV on avforums, which kept mentioning going into one of the professional settings - but I couldn't find advance(calibration), which is because it's advance(isfccc).

    Will post back later with some findings - thanks again.

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    Man, going from plasma to a large ips....shame you couldnt live with the buzz.

    Also large ips lcd's are a nightmare with backlight clouding in my experience(and that was CCFL), my last one went back to panasonic 3 times with awful backlight uniformity before i gave in and moved onto VA panel tech, which seemed to handle any slight uniformity issues better thanks to the inherent better black levels.

    Would be ineterested to see one of the newer ones mind, the one my old man had a couple of years back was truly god awful. You couldnt even change the backlight intensity without the entering service menu!!!

    I always found panasonic perplexing in the modern TV market, however i do understand they were rather late to the LCD show.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lyris View Post
    I haven't seen the EH5300, but I did an in depth review (not publicly) of the EH5000 which should be 99% the same (I guess the 5300 is a cosmetic variant). Avoid. It used to be the case that the cheaper Samsung LCDs had the same SPVA panels in them, but the new ones have some cheaper panel variant which has a weird delta-like pixel structure (see bottom example ) and bad motion resolution. And a host of other colour clipping issues.

    Maybe getting a "Smart" Blu-ray player or Roku (if those are in the UK yet) would be the solution there...
    Lyris, have you had a look at the Samsung es6300 LED series yet? Are these any cop and what is the panel like? Amazin reviews mention clouding and backlight bleed as a problem.

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    I have yet to see an LED without clouding and bleeding.
    I had the Sony HX923 and that was OK with backlight bleed, but you could see the 'un-uniform blotches' even on bright scenes.

    I wish they still made 32 and 37" plasmas.


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