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    I don't think it's something that you need to be too worried about.

    LG's OLEDs are primarily sold off the back of their suitability for gaming. It's really edge cases where burn in occurs now, or we'd be seeing lots of complaints online. Hundreds of hours playing a particular game shouldn't be an issue since those sessions will be broken up into lots of smaller sessions. The screen will do self-maintenance while it is turned off to help prevent any retention.

    I use an OLED and it isn't something I'm concerned about to be honest.

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    Besides, I think the Babestation UI overlay adds an extra touch of class to my FIFA sessions

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    Cheers for the info.

    Part of me still thinks of picking up a 48" LG CX. Prices when using discount codes have dropped to around 1200 which is tempting (despite being more expensive than the 55" LG CX which I don't understand) but I know I'll regret putting that size TV in my sitting room.

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    Besides, I think the Babestation UI overlay adds an extra touch of class to my FIFA sessions

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    Yeah, it is weird how the 48" is more expensive than the 55", but I guess the market for it is smaller.

    I reckon you've probably got a month, maybe two months max, before CXs start vanishing from shops, and you need to wait for a price drop on this year's model (the C1) to get that sort of price. The first of those discounts will probably be on Black Friday as you pointed out

    Just depends whether you feel the enhancements of the C1 will be worth waiting for. From what I've read I don't think there is much in it this year, OLEDs are kinda hitting a wall in terms of quality.

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    The latest (2021) OLEDs are supposedly better at upscaling non 4K content which is quite a big deal when you consider how little content (gaming and otherwise) is 4K. Something to consider for those weighing up a 2020 and 2021 OLED.


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