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    All the World's Wrongs: Games At Fault!

    Well, as usual, the ever professional writings in The Sun and others have jumped on the Games attack following the Sandy Hook shootings. Black Ops 2 gets singled out despite The Suns recent praise of the title and somehow the ancient battles in Dynasty Warriors apparently also directly influenced the incident. None of the companies related were contacted to respond to the articles. Really shows what a joke regulation standards are for the press still.
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    Yeah I instinctively thought 'Dynasty Warriors' when I heard he went into the school draped in flowing silks and gold embroideries, doing backflips on horseback while firing flaming arrows all about the place.

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    The mother knew her son was unstable and had mental problems, yet she had pistols, rifles and ammo in the house which he could easily access and then this happened. If this incident doesn't make Americans understand that they need a lot tighter gun-control, nothing will. It's unbelievable that people can defend guns even after things like this happen.
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    ^ Moreover she was a primary school teacher. Anyway, the moment the Americans give up their guns they know the British will re-invade to get their territories back. That's where the right to bear arms originates, and that's why they're afraid. They know we're poised and ready to go...

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    I thought it was to defend against their Mexican housekeepers rebelling...

    Anyway, some interesting reading here:

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    I'm amazed its taken them that long to link games with the tragedy. I guess not being able to hack peoples phones has meant they've had to rely on making stuff up too make "news".

    Also; Family Guy had it right. The constitution was misconstrued;

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    Hangon, rewind back 10-20 years and this would have been because of violent films..

    This whole thing really does make you lose faith in humanity.

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    You have faith in humanity?

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